Practice Yoga and Live Life to its full potential

Practice Yoga and Live Life to its full potential : Part 4

61. Release trapped gas : In private or in front of very understanding friends and/or family, use yoga to unleash a veritable symphony of gas that simultaneously reduces bloating and eases the pain of having to hold it all in.

62. Relieve epilepsy : Many researchers have looked into the impact yoga may or may not have on epilepsy patients, discovering that the improved muscle control holds to potential to reduce the intensity of seizures.

63. Treat bronchitis : Many yogic positions can assist individuals suffering from bronchitis clear up their breathing blockage and completely fend off the illness. It even works in chronic cases as well!

64. Slow the aging process : With all the amazing health benefits that yoga has to offer practitioners, it probably comes as little shock that it can push back the aging process and keep bodies feeling healthy and fit for much longer.

65. Keep a fetus healthy: Prenatal yoga is an extremely common way for the pregnant to stay in shape during the nine months of agony, but the increased blood and nutrient flow also benefits the unborn spawn as well.

66. Fight eating disorders: Yoga builds confidence and eases depression and anxiety, and because of this many instructors have begun offering classes to those suffering from eating disorders in order to guide them through their trying obstacles safely.

67. Strengthen the core: Anyone looking to build up his or her core muscles for athletic pursuits may want to consider yoga as an excellent supplement to regular workout sessions.

68. Have a social life: The non-competitive nature of yoga means that friends and family interested in its teachings have a low-pressure way to build their relationships. Anyone new in town or looking to meet like-minded new people will also appreciate the social applications of the discipline as well.

69. Lessen the pain of irritable bowel syndrome: Yoga simultaneously relieves physical torment and facilitates proper, healthy digestion, rendering it an ideal choice for victims of irritable bowel syndrome looking to reduce the associated stresses.

70. Prevent dementia: Beyond Alzheimer’s, the mental benefits of yoga also extend to alleviating the symptoms of other dementia-related conditions as well. Younger people who engage in the discipline can stimulate their brains and prevent these illnesses from settling during their twilight years.

71. Improve the lives of stroke victims: When an instructor finds the proper positions that suit the needs of a specific case, yoga brings at least some degree of comfort and clarity to stroke victims.

72. Control hypertension: Because yoga lowers blood pressure, it makes for an ideal way to quell some of the physical issues associated with hypertension – a great supplement to any medication or dietary restrictions prescribed by a doctor.

73. Improve concentration: Many yoga practitioners find the discipline very attractive because of how competently it promotes strong concentration skills.

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: June 17, 2015

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