Nadabrahma Meditation

Nadabrahma Tibetan Humming Meditation

Nadabrahma meditation is also called as “Tibetan Humming Meditation”. It is a meditation developed by the Tibetan masters. This is a chanting meditation. Meditation means “empty mind”. This process is meant to shut down the mind – to make it thoughtless.


This meditation can be done in any part of the day. As this meditation is a chanting meditation, peaceful environment is needed for the same. A dark room with four lighted candles with a relaxing fragrance would be the best set up for this meditation. Meditation can be done preferably in empty stomach or 2 hours after the food.


The meditation is divided in to three stages:

Stage 1 – Humming

Meditation for calmness
Meditation for calmness

After sitting in the most relaxed position, you can keep your eyes and lips closed. The meditation starts with humming. The humming should be loud enough to be audible for others and to create a vibration throughout your body. There are no rules here in humming. You can alter the pitch intuitively. If you feel like moving the body softly, it can be allowed. The goal is to reach a point where the humming will happen by itself and you will become the listener.

Stage 2 – Circular movement of palm

The second stage is divided in to two stages of seven and a half minute each.

First half: Sit in relaxation. Raise your hands and keep your palms facing up close to your navel region. Move the palm in an outward circular motion as slow as possible. Try to feel that you are giving energy outward to the universe.

Second Half: After 7 ½ minutes, the palm may be turned down and start moving them in the opposite direction. Allow the palms to come together towards the navel region. Feel that you are taking energy in.

Third Stage: 15 minutes

Sit absolutely quiet and still.

To be in the witness state is the main goal of meditation. If you are not aware, you will immediately slip in to a deep sleep. Such kind of deep sleep with relaxation will not meet the main purpose of doing this process – Meditation.

When we are humming, it is very easy to align the body and the mind together. Body and the mind are the main factors which takes us away from the meditation. Here, as we practice continuous humming, the body starts to vibrate. The mind slowly settles down into the vibration. It is a rare occasion when our body and mind aligns into a unique experience. The main hindrances are thus shut down through this wonderful technique of humming.

Do not judge the technique after the initial practice. You will have to practice it at least for seven times to gain the deeper experience of the meditation. Practice makes way to wisdom. This can give you a lot of pleasure with regular practice. Do not get addicted to the pleasure, instead you may always focus on the last stage where the meditation happens.

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