Spiritual Science reasons behind body piercing

Spiritual Science reasons behind body piercing

Often body piercing is done for aesthetic reasons without understanding the science and spiritual reasons. Some body piercing done at inappropriate place and can cause harm to body. What we need to understand is, piercings when done properly also triggers acupressure points for body and mind’s positive balance and health.

According to Ayurveda, body piercing should be done in appropriate body parts. Appropriate body parts because our nervous system connects in our body in a specific manner and influences certain organs.

Traditionally, body piercing is done on one or both sides of nose, both ear lobes. These are acupressure points that once triggered have positive effect on overall health. For example, piercing nose on left side has a spiritual benefit.

Piercing left side of the nose results in reducing the distressing energy that has negative influence on our system.  In women, it helps in improving reproductive organs and reduces infertility.

Other reasons for nose piercing around specific node and wearing jewelry on left side– a belief that it reduces labor pain during delivery and it reduces menstrual cramps. Nerves that run from left nostril is linked with female reproductive organs! In addition, nose piercing does not cause heavy infections.

Similarly, ear lobe piercing helps in improving digestive system. Also, it improves brain’s activity and alertness and memory. According to acupressure therapy, the nerves connecting the brain passes through ear lobes. In many religions, this is the reason ears are pierced for babies after few days of birth or months. This triggers the good development of brain.

Piercing middle of ear lobe is tradition in many tribal groups. This piercing helps in controlling over bleeding during menstrual cycle in women. Piercing ear helps men at younger age is a practice in many religions. This benefits men and improves sperm quality and improves immune system.

Another advantage of ear piercing is, the acupressure point helps in improving accuracy of eye sight and hearing. Early age piercing of ears corrects the impairment related to throat, eyes, tongue and ears – this is the belief and from several centuries this is a practice.

In tribal groups, it is a custom to pierce lip. They believe that it makes their ancestors spirits happy. It is also a status symbol and are signs of femininity and beauty for women.

Why body piercing should not be done in certain body parts?

We see people have body piercing done in eye brow, tongue, mouth, belly button, etc. Piercing in these parts attracts distressing energy or negative energy.  According to the article published in Spiritual Science Research Foundation piercing eye brow increases a person’s ego and awareness of the body.

This art of body piercing has become a fashion and expression of rebelliousness. This is one of the main reason, many pierces their body in inappropriate places. Just visiting a salon to get body pierced might result in infection and can cause health issues. Before deciding to get body pierced it is better to consider the reasons behind and which part of the body should be pierced.

Body piercing and wearing jewelry creates Satvik vibration in individuals. Our ancestors did not practice piercing just to show off. Rather it was done for health benefits.  It also creates a positive energy and brings soothing effect to mind and body. It is believed that it also gives protection from distressing energies that are existing in the environment.


Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 13, 2019

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