Cow Face Pose

Cow Face Pose

Also known as Gomukhasana in Sanskirti, cow face pose is an advanced and intermediate yoga pose. Benefits of practicing this pose is increasing flexibility to sit on the floor, stretches in ankle, hips, thighs, armpits, shoulders and triceps. It also tones chest portion. When body is achieving flexibility all types of body pain will slowly start disappearing – lower back, thigh, hips, glutes will feel better. Yogis may feel bit discomfort to get into the pose the reasons is this pose stretches those areas that are desperately need relief. Try this pose and you will feel better as it helps you feel better –


Advanced, Intermediate

Anatomy :Hips, Shoulders

Pose Type :Hip Opener, Seated

Sanskrit :Gomukhasana (go-moo-KAHS-anah) go = cow / mukha = face


  • Opens the hips
  • Stretches the triceps, latissimus dorsi, and intercostal muscles between the ribs
  • Improves external rotation of the hips
  • Opens the chest and pectorals


  • Shoulder or hip pathologies
  • Knee injury


  • Begin in a seated position. Bend your left knee and ground down into your mat. Draw your right knee over your left to stack the knees.
  • Inhale, lift out of the torso, and lengthen the spine.
  • Exhale and draw your right hand behind your back, reaching for the center of the midback.
  • Inhale and draw your left hand over your left shoulder to reach behind the neck.
  • Exhale and slowly inch the hands together behind your back, hooking the left and right fingers.Work toward binding the palms together.
  • Hold this pose for up to 5-10 slow breaths.
  • Inhale and release the arms down to the mat alongside the hips. Exhale and uncross the knees. Roll slightly back onto the sacrum and sway the knees from side to side. Repeat on the opposite side.


  • Stack the shins one on top of the other (Fire Log pose), or take an easy seated posture.
  • Draw the hands overhead and unite the palms in prayer position. Bend the elbows to bring the palms behind the head with fingers pointed toward the mat.



  •  Half Lord of the Fishes pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)
  • One-Legged King Pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)
  • Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend A (Upavishta Konasana A)
  • Bound Angle pose (Baddha Konasana)


  • Boat pose (Navasana)
  • Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)


  • Keep the upper and lower spine lifted through the torso and firm your abdominals.
  • Stack the knees by placing one on top of the other, or find legs in Fire Log pose.
  • If choosing to bind the hands, be cautious not to over stretch the shoulder joint.
  • Be cautious of your knees. Release the posture if you feel any strain in the knee joints.


  • Hip or knee pain/ strain
  • Over stretching the shoulder joints
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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: August 17, 2018

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