What are the risk factors and causes of childhood cancer

What are the risk factors and causes of childhood cancer

Different types of cancers arise from different risk factors.  These risk factors could be

1.       Environmental and lifestyle- In children lifestyle does not play much role or influence cancer development. Mother drinking during pregnancy increases risk of baby having cancer. However environmental factors such as radiation, exposure to  pesticides or toxins could lead to cancer development.

2.       Genes: Certain changes in DNA also leads to cancer. These genes that help cells grow, divide and stay alive in uncontrollable fashion are oncogenes.

3.       Mutations: Inheritance of certain genes from parents that undergo mutation increases risk of cancer in children. This type of cancer is less common in children. In many children, acquired mutations or the DNA changes that happens early in child’s early age (sometimes before birth) can result in cancer.

4.       Some genetic disorders like Down syndrome (trisomy 21), Li-Fraumeni syndrome carry genes that increases risk of leukemia or blood cancer in children. In addition, some of the immune system problems inherited by parents also increases risk of leukemia.  Children who treated for other cancer types with chemotherapy drugs could also develop second cancers such as leukemia.

5.       Other factors that are unproven and uncertain considered as risk factors are: Mother’s age, birth control pills, father’s working environment (chemicals), contaminated drinking water, living close to nuclear power plant, living close to power lines, parents smoking habits etc.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: September 13, 2022

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