Shoulder and anxiety relief pressure points

Shoulder pain and anxiety relief

Shoulder pain relief: One the most difficult pain to remove and bear. It takes long time to heal the shoulder injury and to get rid of the pain. For shoulder pain pressure points are at places where one can reach easily or not able to give massage and pressure. It requires assistance from someone who can help you to with proper instructions.

San Jiao 14 and Large Intestine 15 points: These two points are present in the indentation of deltoid muscles. The indentation that is more towards the front is acupressure point L. Intestine 15 (LI 15) and indentation that is more towards the back is acupressure point San Jiao 14 (SJ 14).

Apply gentle pressure to these points for 15 to 30 seconds followed by gentle circular pressure to massage these points.

Anxiety, stress relief points: As shown in images acupressure points are present for stress relief in hands, feet, neck.  Sometimes the anxiety and stress can cause neck and shoulder pain. It is related to our emotions. Pressing and holding these points (H7, Gb20, Tw15) firmly for 15 seconds will help to release the stress. While applying pressure breath in deeply and exhale long.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 19, 2021

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