Rhabdomyosarcoma – Cancer in skeletal muscle

Rhabdomyosarcoma – Cancer in skeletal muscle

Rhabdomyosarcoma is rare type of cancer in soft tissue or skeletal muscle tissue. It can appear in bladder and uterus too. Most often it appears in children than adults. It starts in head and neck area, urinary system, reproductive system, arm and legs. It makes up about 3% of childhood cancers.

Symptoms include: It can cause severe pain, swelling or both. This is the most common type of soft tissue sarcoma in children.

Retinoblastoma – Cancer of eye

Retinoblastoma accounts for about 2% of childhood cancers. It usually occurs in children around the age of 2, and is seldom found in children older than 6. The eye start to develop early in pregnancy. At a point mature retina cells form. Rarely, something wrong happens during the process of retina formation and cells grow out of control. RB1 gene mutation results in the retina cancer.

Symptoms – When light shines on the pupil child’s eye  glows to white, eyes appear larger than normal, cloudiness or discoloration at the center of eye, pain in eye, crossed eyes, redness or pink in the white portion, problem in visions are symptoms of eye cancer.

Chemotherapy, laser therapy, thermotherapy, cryotherapy, radiation treatments are treatment options  for eye cancer.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: September 13, 2022

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