Parappu Chutney Powder

Parappu (Tur dal) Chutney Powder


1. Tur dal – 1/3 cup

2. Red chillies – 5

3. Black pepper -1/4 tsp

4. Asafoetida – a pinch

5. Salt to taste


1. Dry roast dal till it turns golden brown

2. Dry roast red chillies and pepper in different vessels (or one by one)

3. Allow ingredients to cool.

4. Dry grind everything together to a slightly coarse powder along with salt.

5. Store it in an air tight container.

6. Serve it with hot g rice topped with a tsp ghee or oil. One can have yogurt/curd on side or serve with pappad or vadam with it.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 30, 2017

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