Oleation treatment

Oleation treatment

Oleation and Fomentation are two steps of Panchakarma treatment

Oleation treatment: Oleation is use of oil and oily substances on the body. Home grown herbs and mineral ingredients are used externally to massage the body. It is known as ‘snehana” in Sanskrit. With oil, ghee is another healthy substance used internally for treatment. Ghee or clarified butter is home cleanse source taken in empty stomach upon rising for seven days and externally oil massage given. Ghee being a fatty substance helps to saturate cells and while carrying the medicinal ingredients to all cells of the body it loosens the toxins like heavy metals, pesticides and stress chemicals from cells.

Principle here is, liquid fats while penetrating the body and cells pass through minute channels and break obstructions of the body easily. Liquid oils stimulate secretions in tissues and removes doshas out of the cells. Function of fat here is similar to soap to remove dirt from our body.

Image & Oleation and fomentation treatment & information reference: http://cureforsure.com/

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 16, 2018

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