Panchakarma types

Five types of Panchakarma

Five types of Panchakarma:

Based on nature of the body type: vata, pitta and kapha panchakarma treatment are 5 types.

Vaman: It is carried out early in the morning in empty stomach.  In this method, patient given oleation and fomentation treatment outside and inside for few days. It includes therapies and medicines. Night before this treatment, kapha aggravating foods are given to patient. Toxins and other heavy metals that accumulate on upper surface of the body is removed by vomiting. Vomiting induced by medicines and decoction. People who have kapha, weight and asthma conditions are given this treatment.

Virechan: It is purgation or disposal of toxins through bowels. Natural purgative helps in clearing the digestive system and purifies body toxins. It is prescribed for pitta dominated conditions and people who suffer from herpes, jaundice, celiac disease and colitis.

Basti: Using herbal decoction, ghee and milk enema treatment given to patients in this method. It has tremendous effect in removal of toxins. Vata dominated chronic conditions like arthritis, constipation and piles are cured by this method.

Nasya: It is, meant for clearing and purging head area. After a massage for head and shoulder by fomentation, nasal drops induced into the nostrils. This helps in cleaning head area by reducing headache, hair loss, sleep disorder, chronic rhinitis, respiratory problem and neurological disorder.

Raktamokshan: This is for cleaning blood. Method can be done for entire body or on area. It is good for several skin conditions including dermatitis, psoriasis, pimples, skin infections etc.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 16, 2018

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