Fomentation treatment

Fomentation treatment:

Fomentation treatment:

Panchakarma treatment that causes and produces sweating is called fomentation. Fomentation means warm or heat up. In Sanskrit it is known as Swedana Karma (internal excreta). Sweda means sweating. And, fomentation is warm application that causes sweating. Oleation treatment is followed by fomentation treatments. Fomentation is topical application of medicines in which cloth soaked in strong infusion and applied to the body. Swedana or fomentation helps in relieving cold, heaviness and stiffness in the body and produces sweat. In Panchakarma, fomentation helps to liquefy the sticky, adherent doshas that are present in peripheral tissues. Sweating helps in softening and melting the toxins, opens up skin pores and expels from body. There is not fire involved in the technique. Fomentation therapy can be done for entire body or for a particular area. It is either wet or dry type and intensity of fomentation can be mild, strong, or mediate.

Swedana removes excess body heat, clear channels and cuts toxins by detoxifying kidney, liver, and respiratory system. It also improves blood circulation, digestion and reduces excess weight.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 16, 2018

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