Make Mother's Day Memorable

Make this Mother’s Day Memorable for your Mom

This year Mother’s Day is just around the corner -on May 10th. Mother’s Day celebration is not new to us. Many countries held festivals to honor Mother of the Gods. Greeks, Romans, Indians honor mother Gods. Durga-Puja (India), festival of Cybele (Romans) and Mothering Sunday (16th century in England) are few examples of Mother’s Day celebration.  In USA, Ann Reeves Jarvis, Julia Howe, and Anna Jarvis who fought for Children’s welfare, peace and health are fondly remembered every year on Mother’s Day.

People around the world are planning how to celebrate, how to give special recognition to moms. Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown and social distancing are keeping many families apart. Most mothers wish to connect with children and spend time with entire family.  There are many ways we can celebrate and spend time with mom. If you are away from family, then make use of online technologies. If you are staying with your parents, then plan on some activities.

Shower your mother with love, care and affection. Make this year’s Mother’s Day very memorable for your mother. She deserves best, Mom is the one who is doing house chores, cooking tirelessly working during this lockdown.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 8, 2020

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