Life style choice to improve myositis

Life style choice to improve myositis

One cannot prevent myositis as doctors or experts are not sure what causes it. And there is no specific nutrition diet for myositis except for eating foods that does not trigger the condition. Eating foods that help to feel better is the choice. However, maintain a balanced diet with choice of food that reduces myositis condition is an option.

Do you know? Exercise in the form of Physical Therapy is currently the only treatment recommendation for patients with inclusion body myositis or degenerative muscle condition.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C and A. Every meal should have one type of fruit and cooked vegetable.

1.       Grains like whole grains, whole wheat bread, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Selenium enriched foods are good.

2.       Meat products: Avoid these foods intake.

3.       To avoid swallowing problem: Eat soft, moist foods that are easier to swallow. Include liquid food such as smoothies and soups.

4.       Dairy products: Go for fat free milk. You can choose plant milk such as almond, soy milk,

5.       Omega 3 and 6 fats: Eating these fats helps to reduce the inflammation.

6.       Protein intake: Beans and seeds are better option of protein. Eat cashew, pumpkin seed etc.

7.       Low salt: Avoid high intake of salt as salt can worsen the condition by increasing muscle pain.

8.       Activities: Simple yoga, Pilates and short distance walks are highly recommended to keep muscles active. Stretching body with yoga poses helps to reduce inflammation.

9.       Maintain healthy weight with proper nutrient intake to reduce lethargy, tiredness and muscle inflammation.

10.   Avoid heat and too hot sun to reduce inflammation.  Wear clothes that are comfortable when stepping out in hot sun.

Most importantly, to overcome pain and weakness take plenty of rest. Getting enough rest is an important for managing myositis. Take frequent breaks during the day and limit your activity whenever it is necessary.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 1, 2022

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