ORAC rich spices and condiments

Include spices & condiments in your diet

Spices and condiments are part of our daily meals. A dash of spice changes the taste and smell of the food. In Indian and Mexican foods, including spices play major role in enhancing flavor, fragrance and taste. Do you know, our ancient texts talk about the benefits of spices and condiments to treat several diseases?

Lately, researchers are stressing on immunomodulatory effects of both spices and condiments. Ministry of Ayush, India and WHO recommends adding spices in foods to get benefits of antioxidants to prevent viral and bacterial infections. ORAC value in clove for example is highest. Similarly grounded cinnamon powder also has high ORAC value. Clove contains acetyl eugenol, beta caryophyllene, methyl salicylate and other tannins and minerals. These compounds help to reduce oxidative stress that is responsible for chronic disease. Researchers say that clove can protect from cancer, kill bacteria, improve liver health and can regulate blood sugar.

Cinnamon similarly is rich with cinnamic aldehyde, and cinnamaldehyde and, other antioxidants. It is good for keeping cholesterol level at bay. It is anticoagulant, controls blood sugar level, supports heart health and good for arthritis. Other spices and condiments that are present in kitchen cabinets supply necessary antioxidants and ORAC value that are needed for our health.

To boost your immune system do not hesitate to include bit of spices and condiments in your daily diet.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 5, 2020

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