Himematsutake Mushroom

Himematsutake Mushroom

These are relative of button mushroom.

A Himemastsutake mushroom Agaricus blazei is commonly known as Royal Sun Agaricus.

Till recently this was not cultivated in Eastern countries and gained popularity because of its use as natural medicine by Japanese.

  • This mushroom gained popularity as the research findings says that it has remarkable anticancer properties.
  • It contains good amount of selenium which aids weight loss and has positive effect on prostate cancer. It protects cancer patients from the damage of radiation and chemotherapy.
  • It decreases insulin resistance in diabetics, improves hair and skin health, reduces cholesterol.
  • They have six special polysaccharides and helps in increasing metabolism.
  • Consumption of three ounces per day for four to six weeks said to have positive result in weight loss.
  • Allergy prevention: Extracts of blazei mushrooms known to suppress allergies triggered by proteins in egg whites in animal studies.

Image credit: https://gluckspilze.com/ (for mushroom sale)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 8, 2017

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