Ginger garlic WBC and immune system

Ginger Garlic WBC & Immune System

Both ginger and garlic are known as immune boosting and anti-inflammatory herbs. Both herbs help to build strong immune system by reducing inflammation caused by infections.

Garlic stimulates immune cells and helps WBC to fight against microbial invaders. It increases WBC counts. It lowers blood pressure and reduces hardening of arteries. Presence of heavy concentration of sulfur compound allicin in garlic boosts immune system according to research findings. In Ayurveda and home remedies garlic is used for fighting infections.

 Ginger being antibacterial, generally helps in improving immune system and WBC. Ginger helps to decrease inflammation.  Presence of gingerol prevents microbial invasion, helps the blood vessels and fight against infections. Antibacterial property of ginger supports the immune system and prevents stomach upset. It is a natural blood thinner with gingerol and relaxes blood vessels. It promotes WBC function.

Image credit: Regenia Fondren (Free for commercial use CC by 0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 18, 2020

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