Stop-eat-stop-24 hours fasting

Eat stop eat

24 Hour fasting or Eat stop eat :This is another traditional intermittent fasting observed by many religions.

Fasting in this method starts at breakfast time and ends next morning with breakfast. It is a 24-hour cycle fast. During fasting one can consume tea, coffee, no-calorie drinks, fresh juice, herbal tea etc. No solid food should be taken during fasting hours.

One can also fast lunch to lunch time (24 hours) or dinner to dinner time (24 hours cycle).

This fasting is not recommended for those who cannot withstand hunger as it is a longer fasting time and people find it difficult.  People who follow 24 hour fasting type during religious days will do it with will power and determination. Both will power and determination are needed if you are thinking of going 24 hours fasting schedule once a week.  Also known as Eat Stop Eat fasting, Brad Pilon introduced this.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 7, 2020

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