Children need special care

Children need special care

Coping with cancer is difficult. Diagnosis and treatment is difficult as treatment options are different for every child. Parents should understand what is the best option for the child and help child to overcome fear and make treatment as smooth as it can be.

How to be with child who is undergoing cancer treatment and what care should be taken:

1.       Wear mask when you are around your child. Do not encourage guests to touch, hug child.

2.       Explain child (age-appropriate talk) what is happening with treatment. Repeat the talk once a while so that kid’s mind prepares for treatment.

3.       Your child may be in and out of hospital during treatment time. What is essential for child’s stay including toys and books, food – carry it.

4.       Encourage child to express feelings and talk about what is going on in the mind.

5.       Make daily activities, regular routines as normal as possible.

6.       Encourage child to stay connected with friends and families. Children often wants to know what friends are doing, how school activities are progressing, want to hear stories, play with siblings. Allow them to connect with them.

7.       Help children to play, read stories, work on journals, to do artwork, watch cartoons, encourage to sing, play – let there be normalcy.

8.       Encourage to write letter, send email to loved ones.

9.       Remote learning is a possibility and if it is available make use of it. If there are tutors and teachers available in hospital to help, take help. With weakened immune system child won’t be able to step out – either in hospital or at home.

10.   Explain what is happening to your other children. Let them know that sick child need little more attention and all are together in the battle.

11.   Children will cope better if they know that their parents are getting help, support and care. Talk to healthcare workers, doctors and parents of children who are taking treatments. Everyone needs emotional support – talking helps to overcome fear and sadness.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: September 13, 2022

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