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Quinoa cauliflower balls

Quinoa balls with cauliflower

Quinoa is one of the healthiest nutrient rich food on earth! Quinoa is a preferred fiber rich food in many diets. It not only promotes weight loss, also improves blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

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Healthy Valentine's day recipe

Explore healthy recipe

Try a new recipe at home and serve. There are plenty of heart healthy recipes available. If you know which recipe and food can make loved one happy, give it a try. Some quick and easy recipes

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Broken wheat pongal and gotsu recipe

Broken wheat Pongal And Gotsu Recipes

Sweet and spicy rice Pongal are specially prepared on Pongal day. There is also another version of Pongal prepared using broken wheat. It is generally served with a mixed vegetable curry called gotsu. We are presenting here recipes of broken wheat Pongal and gotsu for this Makara Sankranthi and Pongal celebrations.

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Gazpacho soup

Cold Healthy Soup for Hot Summer

A vitamin C rich Spanish soup popularly known as Gazpacho is good for summer heat.

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Sesame Powder

Sesame Powder

Know the ingredients and the recipe of Sesame Powder.

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Spinach soup hot and sou

Hot and sour spinach soup

A combination of Indian and Chinese flavors, hot and sour spinach soup is good for throat and helps in easy digestion. Adding finely chopped vegetables adds taste to this soup and gives comfort to stomach.

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zucchini recipes

Healthy simple zucchini recipes

Here we are presenting three healthy, simple zucchini recipes which fast and easy to prepare at the same time these supply less calories and tasty

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10 Simple and Healthy Navaratri Vegetarian Recipes

10 Simple and Healthy Navratri Vegetarian Recipes

There are specific requirements one has to follow during 9 days of fasting. People who fast do eat.

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