Oat dosa for diabetes

Oats dosa for diabetes

Considered safe even for young children, oats has many health benefits for all age groups. Oats provide high levels of fiber, low levels of fat, and high levels of protein. The list of health benefits that humans is very long.

  • Studies show oats may reduce asthma in children
  • It is good for heart and liver – so, good for people who have diabetes- reduces type 2 diabetes
  • Good for weight loss -oats increase appetite hormones and enhances metabolism
  • Increases immune system defense
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Helps in digestion process, controls cholesterol and blood pressure
  • It is a very good breakfast item – for athletes, children, young adults and everybody

South India’s popular breakfast item is dosa. Instead of using rice, one can replace major amount of rice with oats and prepare delicious dosa.  This is good for diabetic people who are fond of dosa. Try this simple recipe for your loved ones.

Ingredients :

1. Oats -1 cup

2. Rava-1/4 cup

3. Rice flour-2 tsp

4. Butter milk-1/4 cup

5. Green chili -1 finely chopped

6. Cumin seeds-1 tsp

7. Grated ginger – 1 tsp

8. Curry leaves few – chopped

9. Coriander leaves – little

10. Salt – as required


1. Dry roast oats to brown color and allow it to cool.

2. Once it cools, then powder it.

3. Mix all the ingredients (This will remove the sticky nature of oats).  Allow it to cool and then powder it finely.

4. Mix all the ingredients and prepare batter. Add water to make a thin batter and add salt.

5. In a tava or heating pan, pour one ladle of batter and sprits some oil (preferably vegetable or sesame oil.) Make sure not to put thick layer of batter. Small holes will form and dosa will start to cook.

6. Allow dosa to cook till the color turns to golden brown. Flip and cook other side too.

7. Transfer it to plate and serve with chutney and sambar.

Recipe: www.werindia.com

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 19, 2019

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