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Tag: Weight Loss Tips

Curry Leaves Kashaya

Curry Leaves Kashaya

Good for digestion, reduces weight, reduces morning sickness, good for diabetic condition, reduces diarrhea. – Do not drink this every day.

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Ajwain Kashaya Benefits

Ajwain Kashaya

Reduces bloating and helps in weight loss. Helps in sleeping and controls appetite.

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Tips to prepare for your surgery

Tips to prepare for surgery

Surgery will be performed to make one feel better and take away the suffering. Patients and families undergo lot of stress with fear of undergoing surgery.

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Keeping a food record

  • is time consuming and doesn’t help change habits.
  • is a proven way to
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Weight loss

Tips to keep the weight off for good

Many face this problem of regaining weight after losing weight through dieting and exercising. For a brief period, reduced weight remains that way and slowly the weight comes back.

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Poha cutlet

Poha (Beaten Rice) Cutlets

Beaten rice (poha) is one of the nutritious breakfast items in many Asian countries.

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Reduce Salt intake For Weight Loss

Reduce salt intake to lose weight

Salt is important for human body. Salt is involved in regulating the water content of our body.

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