Obesity linked to 12 types of cancers study says

Obesity linked to 12 types of cancers study says

Obesity rates skyrocketing and there is a growing number of obese people in the world.

Worldwide an estimated 1.97 billion adults and 338 million children including teenagers are either overweight or obese, reveals a report from 2016.

Obesity is one of the main problem that results in various types of conditions. Being active, healthy diet, reducing and limiting consumption of red meats and saying know to processed and fast foods are highly recommended by World Cancer Research Fund organization. The reason is research studies show that obesity is linked to 12 types of cancers.

According to Dr. Kate Allen Executive Director of Science and public affairs at WCRF, “it is unlikely that there are magic bullet specific foods or nutrients that in themselves cause or protect against cancer”. Different combination of patterns and types of diet with physical activity will create a metabolic state that makes us more or less susceptible to cancer.

Excess weight gain and obesity have been linked to many diseases. It includes diabetes, heart conditions, body inflammation and metabolic disorders. Excess body fat also causes number of chronic conditions and reduces life expectancy. Cancer is similarly linked to obesity, poor diet and poor activities.

The other factors that is reason for cancer is binge drinking or consuming more than 2 drinks per day daily increases risk for liver and esophageal cancer. Obesity is the reason for rise in colon and rectal cancer in younger and middle-aged people.

Following cancers are cited to link to obesity, poor diet and weight gain:

  1. Mouth, pharynx and larynx cancers
  2. Oseophageal cancer
  3. Stomach cancer
  4. Pancreatic cancer
  5. Gallbladder cancer
  6. Liver cancer
  7. Colorectal cancer
  8. Breast cancer (postmenopausal)
  9. Ovarian cancer
  10. Endometrial cancer
  11. Prostate cancer
  12. Kidney cancer

The more weight gain in adults means higher the risk of certain cancer. More weight gain in adults means higher the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer. Maintaining healthy weight throughout all stages of life is critical to avoid cancer.

How body weight and body fat linked to cancer? See the image below


Image credit: “Figure 5” by Libertas Academica is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 8, 2018

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