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Everything feels like falling apart

Does it feels like everything falling apart?

House loans, carrier pressure, relationship, farming, business, health, student loan – several things can take a dig at our life. When things do not go the way we want, when it feels like everything falling apart, what we should do?

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To receive the health benefits of physical activity the activity must be:

  • Intense
  • Performed regularly
  • Include lifting heavy weights
  • None of the above
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Spiritual health includes all of the following except

  • the belief in a higher form of being.
  • a specified way of living as prescribed by a particular religion.
  • to experience
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Health can be improved by engaging in as little as ______ minutes of light to moderate exercise most days of the week.

  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 45
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Drug abuse: Marijuana: What Parents Need to Know?

Drug abuse: Marijuana: What Parents Need to Know?

Teens say that marijuana (cannabis) is easy to get, and to be the first illegal drug they try.

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Good fat cocount

Is Coconut good fat?

Despite its saturated fat content, coconut oil considered as a healthy fat that enhances the healthy heart and weight loss

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lemon in tea

Why we do add lemon to tea?

Adding lemon juice or vitamin C to green tea increases the amount of antioxidants available for the body to absorb by more than five times.

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Sun & Vitamin D

Vitamin D from Sun?

Our skin is able to synthesize vitamin D with exposure to ultraviolet-B rays from the sun.

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