Foods interfere with sleep

These Foods interfere with sleep

Sometimes we develop a habit of consuming certain specific foods during supper or dinner or just before going to bed. Or we might consume these foods at party or restaurants. There are several such foods that can interfere our sleep for various reasons. As we know sleep is an important “activity” that our body needs. If we don’t sleep well it will have adverse effect on our health.  

  1. Dark chocolate: Made of cocoa dark chocolates tastes good and good for health compared to other sugar loaded chocolates. However, one should not consume dark chocolate at night because it contains more caffeine content that keeps us awake at night. Caffeine acts on our nervous system to be active and this disturbs the sleep.
  2. Wine: Say no to wine before going to bed. Alcohol interferes with sleep and is terrible for sleep. Reason is alcohol metabolizes fast in the system and will interrupt sleep. It also makes snoring worst and can impact your partner!
  3. Coffee: Obviously, caffeine in coffee acts on central nervous system and acts as stimulant. It will keep us up at night. Tolerance for caffeine varies from person to person on the amount  of coffee consumption. Skip drinking coffee evening hours if you don’t know your tolerance level.
  4. Spicy curry: Spices are good for body. However the extreme spices, hot chilis and heavily spiced curries must be avoided at night as it can cause heart burn and acidity and it means no sleep at night. So avoid spicy food at night, instead go for blander dinners.
  5. Cruciferous vegetables: Like broccoli, cauliflower can cause bloating and gas. Yes, they are good vegetables and supply fiber. The insoluble fiber these vegetables supply will take longer hours to digest. Body keeps working while we asleep. It means, if we consume crucifers during dinner, then expect to have a uncomfortable sleep at night.
  6. Soda: Say no to soda otherwise too! Soda does not do any good for body. If you have habit of drinking soda at night, then you know you are consuming sugar that keeps you wide awake and gives restless sleep
  7. Water: Well, water is very essential drink. But drinking too much water before going to bed means interruption with urgency of visiting bathroom. It means you will be awake and has to get out of the bed. Instead, practice hydrating during day and waning water intake couple of hours before going to bed will help you to get good sleep.
  8. Tomato sauce and cheesy topping: If you are planning to have pizza for dinner then consider re-looking at your options. Acidic tomato sauce can cause heart burn and stomach problem. The cheesy topping that comes with pizza also causes heart burn as it is high in fat and takes time to digest. Avoid pizza at night, instead have it as a snack item in the day time.
  9. Orange juice: Because it is acidic, orange juice can be problematic if taken at night. It can cause acid reflux and keeps you awake at night.
  10. Sugary cereals: High amount of refined sugar in cereal can spike the blood sugar level. These carbohydrates will act on nervous system and cells will be hyperactive at night. It means mind is active and no sleep at night.
  11. Garlic: Garlic is one the best medicinal herb that we can find. But it is best avoided during night as it causes not just bad breath but also heartburn and acid reflux. Garlic is known as hot herb and when combined with spicy curries or cheesy food like pizza it will have negative impact on our good night sleep.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 15, 2021

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