Advice To Grandparents!

Are you becoming a grandparent for the first time? Listen to  grandma’s advice and be happy.

First expect to hold a little bundle of joy in your hands. In addition, shower love…don’t hold back! However, when you have to advice the new parents, be careful. They are also new parents. They may not listen to you. If you have to advice them then, be gentle, choose your words carefully and do not hesitate to admire them.

  1.  Give the parents all the love and support you can. Don’t compare new parents or their child to anything or anybody – good or bad.
  2. Play with child – don’t be possessive because child is your son’s or daughter’s. Allow other family members to play too.
  3. Get extra time with new baby and volunteer to help -change diaper, feeding and willing to look after baby if the new parents wants some time off.
  4. Respect the wishes of parents, don’t criticize them
  5. If parents neglect your advice, don’t worry… they will learn.
  6. Do not impose your opinion. Give them advice if they ask.
  7. Do not stop loving the grand children. Be around and bring them home or visit them often.
  8. Don’t worry about the gifts that you cannot afford. Instead, look for garage sales – resale’s – toys, books, furniture, bicycles, stroller and safety equipment for child.
  9. Do not compare yourself to other grandparents or grand mothers.
  10. Do not talk to child about their parents habits and do not criticize parents in front of child.
  11. Control your anger and expressing displeasure.
  12. Don’t take togetherness for granted; circumstances can change in an instant.
  13. Take the time to make the time with your grandchildren memorable.
  14. Be yourself and give of yourself.
  15. Enrich your grandchild’s life with more you, less stuff. Read stories, take them to park and play with them.
  16. Love, enjoy, and appreciate every single moment.
  17. Stay calm, happy, loving with your grandchild.
  18. Note down important stages of your grandchild and give them memories.
  19. Prepare foods and feed the child – understand what food can cause allergy to the child.
  20. Note down important contact numbers that may come in handy when you are left with grandchild alone.
  21. Teach children traditional games, to love nature and pets.
  22. Do not compare yourself to child’s parents.
  23. Go with new mom if she wants you to accompany her to hold baby and be helpful if you can.
  24. If you are a camera person then, take plenty of pictures.
  25. If you know knitting or crochet , get ready with sweater, cap and sock! Ask parents which color they prefer for their baby.

Enjoy your grandparent days – it is a gift! 

Image credit: “Laila and the Grandparents Virji” by Salim Virji is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 29, 2016

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