Are these reasons making you less attractive

Are these reasons making you less attractive

Even though you are gorgeous and beautiful, have you wondered why sometimes people does not find you attractive or don’t show interest to keep up friendship or relationship with you?

It can happen with anyone.

Most times we don’t realize what could be the reason.

Sometimes friends or family members might say what could be the reason, sometimes we need to look into ourselves to understand what needs to be changed or need to be done.

“It is beauty that captures the attention; it is personality which captures your heart” Anonymous

Here are common factors that makes us less attractive or unattractive..

  1. Having no hobby: One of the most attractive personality is having a hobby. People are attracted to those who are passionate about something and some good hobby. It can be any hobby that is attractive and exciting. When you share your hobby, naturally people will get to know you and your hobby.
  2. Being mean: When you are surrounded by people and if you express only negativity and mean to other people move away. You look unattractive when you are mean to anybody.
  3. Body smell: This one is obvious. Washing body and keeping yourself body odor free is important. If not, no one wants to be close to you. If you are healthy and not suffering from any medical condition, then seriously consider what is the reason for your body odor.  Oral hygiene, cleaning arm pits, private parts, ears, wearing washed cloths – all these are critical if you want to be amid people.
  4. Dishonesty: Dishonesty is a major turn off for both genders. Whether you are intelligent or less intelligent, beautiful or handsome, rich or poor – if you are not honest in your action and words then you are not attractive. Being honest is a character that attracts people.
  5. Bing drinking and smoking: Drinking and smoking are highly unattractive personalities and women generally does not like to have a relationship with such men. Occasional drinking is fine with women but not smoking. Smoking frequently is unattractive as the negative impact of smoking (on health) is understood by most people.
  6. Too much stress: Whether it is small or big matter, if a person is constantly expressing and blaming system for their stress then such personalities are unattractive. No one wants to listen to constant complaints 24X7 days. Stress is part of life, managing stress is one skill that if someone has, then it makes that person attractive.
  7. Bad table manners: Sharing is caring. If you don’t share food or offer food to guests or share with friends in a restaurant or with family, it is not going to give good reputation. If you cross contaminate food with your spoon or hands or making sound while eating, texting while eating and more importantly if you don’t treat waiter/waitress properly then consider yourself unattractive.
  8. Pessimism: Being pessimistic often linked to unsuccessful and unattractive personality because it is a quality no one wants to have as it hinders personal growth. People who are pessimistic o also express cynical views and it can be depressing to others.

If you want to be with friends and have healthy relationship then adopt a healthy life and healthy habit. It helps you to be amid people and keeps you happy!

Image Courtesy: Photo by Phil Coffman on Unsplash

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 5, 2020

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