Solitude and self analysis

Solitude and self analysis

Humans need social life. We always look for company to get out from boredom or look at others to get into happy mood. We are engrossed in social media just to get to know what is happening in other’s life and what they are doing. At least our devices and technology we are into makes sure that we are not alone anymore.

Human mind is good at connecting dots to create a storyline – it takes bits of information, gathers everything in mind and creates a sad or happy story by giving its own view and we share it with others. Why we do this is because we always feel that we need each other to be happy and to survive.

While doing such act, we are losing somewhere with our original personality and disconnect ourselves from our mind. It means, we lose the capacity, ability to be alone with ourselves. It acts on our overstimulated nervous system and there is no rest to recharge. When we circle around others life – trying to please or look up to someone to lead a happy life we might lose our self-confidence and creativity.

Be alone – that is the secret of invention: be alone, that is when ideas are born – Nikola Telsa

Being solitude once a while helps to understand oneself.  However, spending time alone thinking about ourselves may not be desirable for everyone. Over the years how much we are grown inside, what we have achieved, what should be our goal, revisiting situations in mind, how emotionally we are dependent on others – these talks and discussion with oneself is needed to get to know who we are at present. The power of being solitude should not be dismissed.

Many people are afraid of being alone as they feel awkward, painful and neglected. We all know it is difficult to be solitude all the time. Once a while to get benefits of solitude we can take help from mindfulness. Mindfulness helps to bring back the awareness and creativity. When we let go the fear of being alone, we can learn how to be honest, brave and happy with how things are going around right now. We will start appreciating what we have and probably will be able to create conditions that we need to be content with one’s life. The other advantage of spending time alone, is assessing our own thoughts – how to overcome situation, finding simple solution for a problem, looking to solve problem in different angles, differentiating painful, hateful and fearful thoughts, planning and organizing life and ability to recognize the faults and forces that are playing in life.

The calmness and silent surrounding helps to focus on our breath. This relieves the stress level. There will not be hormonal rush to alert body and it helps to relax mind. This self-created environment helps to understand oneself better and gives more time to think about creativity that is lacking in life. It is in these moments of solitude we discover our potential, identity and learn to express ourselves. We are free from others opinion, expression, interruption and it is all about our views and opinions.

How to find the opportunity to be alone?

  • Have lunch alone
  • Go for walk alone
  • Close your office door for half an hour and get your thoughts together
  • Wake up early and have coffee alone
  • Take a stroll in the garden
  • Go to library and sit in a place where no one is around you
  • Find a time where no one is present around at home or office
  • Travel alone

You can always find a way to be solitude and be mindful. Simply dedicate sometime for yourself. You will see the change in your attitude, productivity, creativity and energy that helps you to maintain stress and body to relax.


Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 4, 2018

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