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Achieving success in online classes

This year pandemic has changed and influenced our lives in many ways. For students’ online classes are offered through out the world. To achieve success with online classes many might be struggling. Main reason for this is, even though teacher might appear virtually, it is not like sitting and listening to a teacher in a class environment with other fellow students. How to achieve focus and success in online classes?

Online class is an opportunity to learn without any distractions.  Keeping in this mind, focus on studying while you are at home.

  1. Stay at task, set a goal. Always keep the end goal in mind. Focusing on the big picture and remembering about it often helps to focus on books and studies.  Setting personal goal will help to manage time and makes it clear what that you must do to continue in pursuing your goal.
  2. Be on time, manage time: Treat online classes as steady classroom and when teacher is available you must be ready to listen to her. Set schedule and stick to the structure.
  3. Treat study as a job: Studying is hard working. Keep a schedule. Make checklist, work on homework and submit assignments as if you have taken a job.
  4. Have a study plan: Set out an achievable study plan. Make it clear and stick to plan. Give sometime for your personal preparation. Note down which subject that you must give more attention, plan to complete all subjects one by one.
  5. Think it as an in-person class: If you must turn an assignment then work on it. Your professor might post homework, assignments or project online. Without getting distracted, treat it like regular, in-person class and attend to the given work. Do not focus on habits that are disturbing your online classes.
  6. Virtual study group with classmates: To keep yourself motivated, have a virtual group or join a virtual study group. This will give you benefits of studying with others in online classes. Be creative., have discussion forum, exchange thoughts, watch class videos together virtually.
  7. Attend virtual office hours; If your teachers offer virtual office hours, make use of it. You can ask questions about homework, notes, assignments, exams and get all your questions answered.
  8. Study room or space: Have a dedicated space for your studies. You don’t want someone from family interfere your studies. Dedicated study space will help to stay focused. Avoid space that is too comfortable and distraction. You should be next to books than game system. Sit on chair that supports your posture. Keep your phone, laptop or desktop to your height so that you won’t get pain in neck and hands.
  9. Minimize distractions: Eliminate and minimize all types of distraction in your study. Block any games that are distracting you. Say no to loud music till you complete your daily class. Take a short break if necessary.
  10. Beware of due dates and deadlines: You may miss reminders or may not get regular reminders in online classes unlike in person class. Be extra diligent about submitting assignments on time and to meet deadlines. Make note of all deadlines in notebook or calendar. Do not wait till end of the semester to submit all your assignments.
  11. Check emails regularly: To keep up with online classes, investigate your email messages daily. If any changes in class schedule, due dates you will get notified or any important matters pertaining to studies should not be ignored. Make it a habit of checking your emails regularly.
  12. Don’t forget to take notes; Just like regular classes, take notes while listening to teacher. Do not skip taking notes thinking all information available online. Taking notes will make your study easy. It helps to engage with the subject material and boosts your retention and comprehension.

It is going to take some time to get used to online classes. You will surely miss your classmates, friends and most importantly teachers. Virtual schooling can be a blessing with fewer distractions. You can keep in touch with your classmates and friends and interact with your teacher well if you focus on studying.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 18, 2020

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