Why is it hard to reduce bloating ?

Why is it hard to reduce bloating ?

Most women have this problem called “bloating”.

One reason we all know that during menstrual cycle and menopausal years bloating happens.

But, if you are having intermittent bloating  then it could be due to following reasons.

Listen what grandma’s solutions for intermittent bloating.

  • Your body is intolerant to dairy? : Trouble digesting lactose or casein allergy causes bloating.

To reduce go fat free dairy product. Find milk alternatives in place of cheese, milk products like ice cream.

  • Do you eat fast? When we eat or gulp the food, it results inhalation of lot of air and not chewing food enough results in accumulation of larger pieces of food in stomach causing gas and bloating.

Take time to really chew your meal. Eating slowly gives more time for body to recognize the type of    food that we eat.

  • Do you eat too much sugar? If you are, then understand that sorbitol and fructose are two sugars present in most processed food. We have problem in digesting such sugars and when bacteria feeds on sugar – in the process of breaking sugar gas that is formed in the system causes bloating.

Reduce sugar intake – less sweets, less sugar in coffee, tea or no soda helps.

  • Do you eat too much raw food? Very reason for cooking and eating is, cooking helps to softens fibrous food and unwinds protein. It makes bit easy on system to digest. Raw foods provide more nutritional benefits – no doubt about it. However, too much raw food consumption makes it difficult and body takes more time to process it.  And, result is gas and bloating.

Eat limited raw foods and proper cooking of foods helps. Understand which are the food that should be cooked for consumption.

  • Are you stressed out? Stress plays a major role in our life. It alters hormones and our breathing patterns. When we eat body does not feel positive aspects of food and digestive system feels food is a burden. In turn, food sits in stomach for more time leading to bloating.

Best way to reduce stress – life is always not path of flowers. There are many ways to reduce or overcome stress. Effective manage your stress and see the impact!

  • Do you sleep less? A very big culprit – sleeping less is a bigger problem for women who work throughout the day. Body needs rest. When we don’t sleep enough, stress hormone cortisol disturbs digestive system and it results in constipation and eventually bloating. Moreover, lack of sleep makes us to grab more carbohydrates that converts to sugar and causes bloating.

Get good sleep. Understand for your age, how many hours of sleep you need or what makes you feel better. Learn why women need more sleep than men.

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Listen to grandma: www.healthylife.werindia.com

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 25, 2018

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