Childcare during pandemic

Parental Guide To Childcare Facility Hygiene and Safety During Pandemic

Pandemic lockdown is lifted in many places and daycare facilities are opening. If you are a parent of young child and thinking of dropping off child at the facility then, as a parent you must know how childcare is taking care of hygiene of the facility and safety of children to assure your child’s safety.

Recent reports show that most children suffer from mild or asymptomatic form of Covid-19. However, the number of kids testing positive to Covid-19 increased in recent days. One reason for this, more children are getting tested for coronavirus than earlier. Couple of months back testing was limited to adults, seniors and sick patients. As of early July, fewer than 5% of infections are in children under the age group 15. Children who showed mild symptoms were not tested for Covid-19. These numbers still a fraction of infections.

In most cases children who got sick is due to transmission of disease from an adult within their household. Most day cares/childcare facilities and schools were closed in past several months. Now lockdown and restrictions are removed in many places, parents are heading back or ready to head back to work. Parents who are thinking of dropping off children at the daycare must take necessary precautions.

Make sure your childcare facility is taking action to curtail infections. Before sending child to day care facility check for following safety information.

  1. Implementation of proper social distancing strategies
  2. Good cleaning and disinfection practice is a must
  3. Proper drop off and pick up facility and policy
  4. Implementation of screening procedure upon arrival of children
  5. There should be an adequate ratio of staff to children to ensure the safety and protection of kid.
  6. If there is new child caregiver, then make sure to that the person has enough working experience in childcare.
  7. They must also follow safety procedures – wearing masks for staff members and older children a must. Babies and toddlers- under age two should not be asked to wear masks.
  8. Hand hygiene stations, use of disposable gloves, well maintained and clean toilet and changing facilities must be available for child.
  9. Staff must assist child in hand washing including infants who cannot wash their own hands
  10. Facilities must have scheduled cleaning and disinfecting procedures.
  11. For babies and toddlers – diaper and cloth changing areas must be available. All changed clothes of children must be put in separate bags or washed in washing machines.
  12. Toys and games must be sanitized. All cleaning materials must be stored in secure place. You don’t want your child to encounter chemicals in facility.
  13. Meal service for children in the facility should be handled properly. Check what procedures are involved and how staff will serve meals. It must satisfy you.
  14. Any symptoms of sickness, childcare personnel must notify parents immediately. Before dropping off to and after return from childcare check your child’s temperature.
  15. Check whether facility has your contact number, emergency contacts
  16. If you have a disabled child and need special care, inform the daycare staff what are the requirements.
  17. If your child has underlying or preexisting condition talk to your doctor before approaching childcare facility

If your have an option of working from home, then consider it. You will know your child is protected and safe with you. If you cannot work from home, then before dropping off your child in day care facility give a visit and understand that necessary precautions are in place.

Image credit: Photo by Naomi Shi from Pexels (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 5, 2020

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