Tips for stress free morning

Tips for stress free morning

Preparing for next morning by spending little time will help you to have a stress free morning.

Half an hour to 45 minutes preparation for next day helps you to save time. If you can’t handle all work alone ask your partners help.

Have a check list and get ready. This will help you to get enough sleep and your body will recharge for the day ahead.

Grandma has tips for stress free morning and how to have a relaxed day.

1. Plan your meals previous night – breakfast, school lunch, lunch, supper/dinner items.
2. Plant for your grocery shopping and have a list ready – go through your fridge – vegetables, fruits, milk, yogurt, frozen foods
3. Do the dishes, load them in dish washer or finish washing – seek help if you need to. If you are home, after each meal load dish washer or rinse them off!
4. Take out trash – This gives fresh odor next day. Best it to dump trash in big trash can
5. What is your next day is like? Meeting, appointment, school, P&T meeting – select and keep your outfits and accessories ready.
6. For kids – if there is uniform next day – make sure they have it. See if there are any missing buttons – fix it well ahead!
7. Plan and get ready with school lunch boxes
8. Get your dress ready – don’t forget your socks ! Stay top on your laundry
9. Check your check list – see for any appointment that you might have marked in your calendar
10. Visualize your day like and pack your daily handbag with necessary items -wallet, key, medicine, reading glass, ear phone, money etc.
11. Set your alarm clock before going to bed and relax

Grandma’s tips:

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 31, 2018

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