Baby powder tips

Different ways to use baby powder

Do you know you can use baby powder for various other purposes? Baby powder not only smells good, also is useful for various daily tasks. See yourself;

  1. Apply baby powder and wear gloves – It avoids slipperiness of the hands due to sweat
  2. Preventing ants – If you are worried about ants in kitchen and don’t want to use strong chemicals then apply baby powder – just sprinkle powder around ants
  3. For squeaky floor – Apply baby powder in between floorboards, this will reduce squeaking.
  4. Before threading or waxing – Apply baby powder before waxing or threading in places like upper lips to reduce pain.
  5. Remove stinky odor from shoes – Remove dampness and stinky odor together by pouring some baby powder inside shoes. Leave it for a day and check back
  6. To remove grease from cloths – Apply baby powder on greased cloth really well and brush of the left-over powder. Repeat and wash clothes.
  7. Apply on crystals and gems – If your crystals and gems in jewelry are greased, apply baby powder and leave it for a day or two. Use a dry cloth or cotton ball to remove powder.
  8. Prevent chafing – If you sweat while running or exercising – especially in hot summer- it might result in chafing. Apply baby powder to reduce chafing and pain.
  9. Deodorant – Instead of using regular deodorant use baby powder – this lasts longer and feels fresh
  10. For flower bulbs protection – Apply or sprinkle baby powder on flower bulbs – it protects bulbs from rotting.
  11. Removing mold from old books – First remove dampness from the old books and apply baby powder between pages. After a day, remove or dust of the powder and you will see fresh pages with fresh odor.
  12. After shave – For both men and women, it is a great after shave and keeps skin cool
  13. Keep drawer’s fresh – If your drawer and closet is misty, apply baby powder and leave it for a day or two. Later dust it off!
  14. Pet shampoo – Use baby powder to shampoo your pet – just apply and leave it in the fur for sometime. Later use a brush to brush it off. This gives fresh odor from pet.
  15. Apply between toes – If space between your toes are itchy apply baby powder and then wear socks.
  16. Summer sheets – Apply baby powder between sheets in the summer, it keeps night cool and reduces burning sensation on the back.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 22, 2022

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