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Create more space with kitchen organizers

Irrespective of having a small or bigger kitchen, often we feel that we need more space for shortage. Keeping things neat and organized is not everyone’s skill.

To store groceries, we need place in pantries, to store vessels and lids need place in cupboards.

Similarly storing snacks, canned items, cups and saucer and utensils properly we need more space.

Now a day’s different types of kitchen organizers are available in market and online.

Sink organizers: To keep washed dishes and to store dish sponge, brush use sink organizers.

Vessel cabinet organizer: To keep lids and vessels neat racks are available. This gives easy access to both lids and vessels when we need it.

Cabinet side and counter top holders: To keep coffee, tea, sugar and salt make use of space on side of the cabinet. Similarly put basket line above counter top side wall. You can store oil, small spice bottles and any small decorative plant too!

Create more space using these ideas: Keep cutting board, trays in rectangular racks. You can place it on one corner of counter top or inside cabinet. Ziploc, cans and cereal boxes can be stored in iron racks that can be hooked to shelves or can be placed inside lower shelves. Keep spatula, serving spoons, ladles  in wide mouth thick glass bottle or ladle containers. This saves lot of space for you.


Image courtesy: Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 14, 2018

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