Reduce travel expenses

Tips to reduce travel expenses

To get out from daily routine life, we all need a vacation once a while. Question is where to go and how to afford the expenses while enjoying visit and stay in good places. Some places on the earth are so expensive that we must start saving for the trip from a long time. Even if we save, it might not be enough to have a comfortable visit. If the vacation causes stress what is the use of going on vacation? A comfortable visit is a must for a healthy stay. For a healthy visit and stay we should be able to afford travel expenses. How to reduce travel expenses ?

Tuesday is important day:

Tuesday is a good day to travel in terms of catching a flight. Cheapest flight of many airlines is available during Tuesday as the rush is bit less. As the demand increases, so also the price of the ticket. Sometimes, off peak travel is better. Also, many times Wednesday deals will be good. One can enjoy good seat, good view and relax during travel

 Stay in bed & breakfast, rental houses:

When you are planning trip, look for bed and breakfast places. While hotels are great place to stay, short term rental houses, hostels as well as bed & breakfast places work out cheap. It is good option as it is affordable for most middle class families. There are home sharing apps in many towns and cities. Advantage of using such facilities is, staying in a homely place and if time permits one can cook and enjoy the perks like cable, car and neighborhood. This is a great way to enjoy small towns and cities without spending much. Some organizations that you volunteer for might provide accommodation arrangements in different places.

 Take advantage of overbooked flights:

This is a common issue with many airlines “overbooking”. If you have time and willing to get into next available flight negotiate with airlines. Airlines need volunteers in such situations and are willing to provide good amount for your seat. Many airlines give you voucher /money to give up your seat. The amount you might get sometime will cover your meal and stay expenses our your entire trip!

 Carry snacks:

When you leave home, carry snacks with you. Use a Ziploc bag and separate breakfast bars, nuts, biscuits, crackers and other fried items like chips into different bags. This will help you to save some money in your travel on snacking. Airport food tend to be expensive and so also other theme parks. Carry green tea bags, herbal teas, regular tea bags with you.

 City guide and tourism cards:

City attraction guides and tourism cards will offer discounts at restaurants and local shops. You may find bus services to different places. Some places offer free entry to top visitor attraction. Find about these options in visitors guide. Use group tours and sometimes these tours will be cheaper with hotel you stay.


Get buffet or big lunch specials with less prices. Many restaurants offer left over carry box system. Carry the good food and save it for dinner. Eat good dinner at nice place on last day of your trip.

 Carry medicines:

Always carry common cough, cold, fever, diarrhea and pain medicines – tablets in your bag. In new place you may not able to find doctor or it can be expensive. For small health conditions medicines that you carry will be helpful for immediate relief.

Before your trop create a budget on your spending. Stick to the budget. It will help to keep your trip on track, saves money and you will enjoy trip.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 18, 2018

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