Bubble wrap hacks

25 Bubble wrap hacks

When you get packages delivered along with the item you ordered you will also get another fun gift “bubble wrap”. Don’t throw bubble wraps away. Collect, store and use bubble wrap for different purposes. Here are 25 different ways to use bubble wrap to protect items and for fun as well.

25 Bubble wrap uses

  1. To reduce heating bill, use bubble wrap as window insulation.
  2. To protect potted plants from frosting, use bubble wrap to wrap around the pot & plant.
  3. To cover small tree seedlings and protect from pest and frost- use bubble wrap.
  4. Line compost bin with bubble wrap.
  5. Bubble wraps are good cabinet liners. Place bubble wrap sheet inside cabinets and drawers
  6. Inside fridge vegetable storage container, place bubble wrap sheet as liner to protect veggies and fruits.
  7. Place bubble wrap inside fruit basket to protect fruits from squashing
  8. Use for chocolate cake decoration- spread melted chocolate on clean bubble wrap and wrap the sheet around the cake. Once chocolate solidifies, remove the wrap. You will end up with beautiful imprints
  9. Use for floral decoration in bowl – poke flower stem in bubble wrap and place it above the water. Flower will not sink for days
  10. Place bubble wrap in the bottom of recycle bag. It gives extra cushion for groceries and weight will not ruin the bag.
  11. Use bubble wrap for painting purposes – Want to paint wall or tablecloth? Roll bubble wrap and apply paint. Place the bubble wrap and run it across the material.  It gives polka dot effect.
  12. Bubble wrap typography – Arranging party? Mount bubble wrap on the wall. Trace words on bubble wrap. Fill the letters using different color paints. Inject the fluids cautiously in the bubbles so that bubbles don’t bursts!
  13. To reduce condensation around water tank or toilet tank, use bubble wrap. Wrap tank with bubble wrap.
  14. Do you know? You can curl your hair by rolling hair in bubble wrap. Do this at night and you will end up with curled hair in the morning.
  15. Wrap tool handles using bubble wrap to avoid getting blisters in hands.
  16. Insulating coffee or tea mugs with bubble wrap keeps drinks hot for longtime.
  17. Need cushion in your shoes? Cut bubble wrap to the size and insert inside the shoe.
  18. Popping bubble wrap is fun activity for kids. Give each of them a small sheet of bubble wrap and have them pop the bubbles. Set a timer & see who pops more bubbles in a minute.
  19. For adults – popping up bubbles is stress reliever!
  20. Wrapping bubble wrap as knee pad makes your job easy when you must kneel on the floor to work.
  21. Use bubble wrap to stuff the shoes to maintain the shape for longtime.
  22. Need cushion for car seat or chair? Place layers of bubble wrap at the back to get extra cushion.
  23. To stop the doorknob hitting wall, use bubble wrap. Attach a pad of bubble wrap on the wall area where it meets doorknob
  24. To protect the outdoor pipes and spouts during winter, wrapping with bubble wrap prevents bursting due to freezing.
  25. To keep your pet bed or outdoor doghouse warm, use bubble wrap as insulation

Image curtesy & for more bubble wrap hacks visit: Pintrest, guttersupply.com, https://www.instructables.com/ , lovethispic.com, apartmenttherapy.com

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 6, 2020

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