Lockdown kids activity

Lockdown activity ideas for kids

Running out of ideas how to keep kids engaged and entertained? Here are 30+ ideas to keep kids engaged, entertained and learned. Share the list with kids and have them pick up few ideas and let them work on the ideas.

  • Plant herbs in garden container: Put seeds of different herbs and watch them grow.
  • Create a time capsule : Take a good box that does not rust or glass bottle and store five items in it. Bury in a safe place in the garden. Keep a note of it with date and call it “lockdown time capsule”
  • Create a collage out of magazines:– Creating beautiful collage with different themes always interesting. Collect old magazine and do it.
  • Treasure hunt: Plan a treasure hunt with family. You can also plan on a scavenger hunt
  • Make a Bird Feeder: Spring means flowers and birds. Make a bird feeder and put seeds for birds. You will be surprised to see many birds in your yard.
  • Try blow art: Using straw blow paint drops on paper. Create wonderful art designs
  • Create a self-portrait: Try it, it could be fun. Use a mirror or take your photo and sketch self-portrait.
  • Wash the car: Help your parents to clean the car. After all you are proud of your car, isn’t it?
  • Write a letter and post it when this is over: Write a letter to your friend, cousin or grandparents. Write about your experience during lockdown. Post it when the lockdown over.
  • Write your name in a different language: Learn new language. Learn how to write your name in different languages.
  • Interview your grandma or grandpa: Ask your grandparents questions, interview them and learn things from their life.
  • Help in the garden: Help your mom in the garden. Mothers like flowers. Mother day is approaching. You can pick up beautiful flowers grown by you from your garden to give her.
  • Write a short story: Put your writing skills on paper. Write a short story under 100 words.
  •  Draw your family tree: Talk to your parents, grandparents and learn about your ancestors. Draw a family tree.
  • Draw your dream house: Are you planning to build a house when you all grow up? So how should be your house? Draw it and keep it in a safe place.
  • Prepare milkshake or ice cream: Help your parents in kitchen. Prepare milkshake, ice cream
  • Learn how to knit: Fond of knit work? Learn how to knit, with your parent’s permission watch YouTube videos and learn. Join online group to learn various types of knitting.
  • Coloring and painting: Like to paint? there are many ways to sketch and paint. See which one is interesting for you and start paint work. Sit near window or on porch and draw birds, flowers, trees, car etc.
  • Baking together: With help from your parents and siblings, bake at home. Start with simple recipe.
  • Music and dance: One of the most fun activity is dancing and singing. You will never get bored with this one.
  • Play Would you Rather? It is also a fun activity. Gather your family and ask them questions. It will be a good debate and discussion activity too!
  • Puzzles: Solve puzzles, you will end up in learning a lot.
  • Computer and art: Learn photoshop, power point, paintbrush, infographic, short videos – learn and try your hands on these skills
  • Take a tour of Google Art and Culture: There are 2000 leading museums and archives in google art and culture. Explore it.
  • Visit an art and science museum online: Many museums are offering free virtual tour online. Make use of it.
  • How to Make Money as a Kid: Plan on something useful that helps you make some pocket money. List your ideas, have your parents review it. Select couple of ideas and work on it.
  • Help in cooking: Prepare a meal or breakfast. Learn cooking. Start with simple recipe. Serve your parents and family.
  • Book club with friends: Plan on a book club. Connect with friends and discuss about selected book.
  • Create necklaces and earrings with beads: Collect beads and make necklace, earrings, bracelet.
  • Create friendship bracelets: Learn how to make friendship bracelet. Present it to your friends after lockdown ends.
  • Learn to sew: Sewing can be fun. Use old clothes at home and learn sewing patterns.
  • Try out photography: Photography is a good hobby. Learn about camera tricks, how to use camera in smartphone and click beautiful pictures.
  • Have fun creating with clay: Get creative with clay. Clay dolls are popular activity. Work on a theme using clay.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 21, 2020

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