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20 different ways to use coconut oil around house

Coconut oil is healthy and provide many medicinal benefits as it is packed with important nutrients. Recent studies recommend including coconut oil in daily diet and say it is a good fat. Keeping coconut oil has many other benefits too. Do you know coconut oil can be used for fixing and cleaning work around home? In case you have old coconut oil, instead of throwing it use it for fixing and cleaning house. Here are 20 different ways to use coconut oil around the house.

  1. Furniture polishing: Dab mixture of coconut oil and vinegar on soft cloth and rub it on wooden furniture. You can add little lemon juice in the mix to get polished look!
  2. Shower head cleaning: Mix coconut oil with baking soda. Apply mixture on shower head and faucets. Leave it for few minutes and wipe with old towel or old newspaper. This removes soap scum and any mildew that might be sitting on bathroom fixture.
  3. Remove crayon: If your children made mess with crayon and it is proving to be hard to remove with regular cleaners, apply coconut oil -You will see clean wall.
  4. Squeaky door hinges: To get rid of that annoying door hinge noise, dab a teaspoon of coconut oil on hinge and leave it for an hour. Squeak sound will go away.
  5. For door locks: Sometimes keys will start getting stuck inside the key hole and will be difficult to open the door. Melt coconut oil and using a ink dropper apply coconut oil in key hole. Key will not get stuck in the key hole!
  6. Dust prevention: Using a old newspaper rub coconut oil on surfaces where dust accumulates – like bedroom set, fan surface etc. Dust won’t build up easily on oil surface and it is easy to remove dust from oil surface.
  7. To remove sticky label: Apply coconut oil on sticky label on any surface. Coconut oil makes it easy to remove sticky label from such surfaces.
  8. Scuff mark removal: If there are scuff marks on floor and wall, apply coconut oil and easily remove the scuff mark.
  9. Cleaning leather: Any leather materials like belts, leather sofa, handbags and shoes can be polished using little coconut oil.
  10. Tupperware stains removal: Apply coconut oil inside Tupperware food container to keep food and water stains away. Yellow and red food stains that sticks to plastic container can be removed by applying frequent application of coconut oil
  11. Gum removal: Sometimes chewing gum can get stuck to surfaces or furniture or on floor. Apply coconut oil and using a brush remove the gum.
  12. Stainless steel polishing: Now a days stainless steel appliances are common in houses. Take little coconut oil in soft cloth and apply on Fridge, microwave, stove and dish washer surface and wipe using dry cloth or ole newspaper.
  13. For seasoning cast iron: Cast iron must be seasoned before using to create slick surface. Pour few teaspoons of melted coconut oil in the cast iron pan and bake it for few minutes.
  14. As carrier oil: Coconut oil is a natural carrier oil and can be used to mix with essential oil. This mix can be used in DIY candles.
  15. Apply on leaf surfaces: Take little coconut oil in fingers and rub it on indoor plant leaf surfaces. It gives healthy surface and healthy look for plants
  16. For car dashboard: Use coconut oil to clean dashboard and other surfaces inside your vehicle. Use soft cloth to rub it on such surfaces
  17. For rusty surfaces: Apply coconut oil on rusted surfaces. Leave it for few hours and using old cloth wipe it off.
  18. For makeup brush cleaning: Rub coconut oil on make up brushes and using paper towel clean make up brush. Oil will not only remove the old makeup materials but also acts as a conditioner for brush.
  19. Smear on utensils: To make it easy for cleaning, apply little coconut oil inside the such vessels – measuring cup, baking tray or before pouring sticky flour to vessels. The ingredient will not stick inside the vessels and makes it easy to clean.
  20. As insect repellent: Mix coconut oil with essential oils like lemongrass, peppermint or tea tree oil. Spray on surfaces where mosquitos and other bugs can prevail. You can also apply it on skin to prevent bug biting and it acts as a insect repellent.

Image credit: Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay  (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 30, 2020

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