Home remedies for sunburn

Home remedies for Sunburn

Changing weather pattern is creating havoc in many parts of the world. Many countries experiencing high temperature than before. Sunburn is a common condition that people can experience under hot weather.  Depending on the severity of the burn, curing sunburn takes anywhere between 3 days to couple of weeks. If you are suffering from sun blisters then it might take a week or more time.

What home remedies one can try for sunburn?

  1. Aloe vera: Aloe vera is one of the popular herb used in both traditional as well as modern medicine. It is recommended by dermatologist too. It is proved to have anti-inflammatory properties and is present in many skin cream. Either you can buy Aloe vera cream or bottle of Aloe vera extraction to apply on sunburn areas. If plant is available in your home garden, then extract and wash the gel and apply on affected areas.
  2. Yogurt: Lactic acid and probiotics present in yogurt is a good remedy for sunburn. Applying yogurt on sunburn reduces redness and inflammation. You can add little honey and turmeric into yogurt, mix well and apply.
  3. Honey: Honey is one of the best medicines is for any type of burns. Apply or dab honey on sunburn areas and leave it for few hours. You will see changes with soothing affect of honey on the skin. Honey is good remedy for sun blisters.
  4. Cucumber: Cut cucumber and place it on sunburn area. You can also prepare cucumber extract and mix with oatmeal, Aloe vera gel and hyaluronic acid and apply on the affected areas to soothe and nourish the skin.
  5. Damp cool cloth: Use a damp cloth compress or place a cold pack on small sun burn. Do not place them more than 10-15 minutes.
  6. Cold milk compress: This is one the oldest home remedy for sunburn. Prepare a cold milk compress and place on sunburn areas. Repeat this couple of times a day to get rid of burning sensation.
  7. Oatmeal: Soak 2 cups of oat meal in 4 cups water. You can increase the amount of oatmeal and water as you require. After half an hour, squeeze the milky water from oatmeal and collect it in a container. While having bath add the milky water to bucket or put in tub water and soak the body for half an hour or so.
  8. Chamomile bath: Fill a small cloth bag with dried chamomile herb. Hang the cloth bag in the water faucet or water flow and fill the tub. If you don’t have tub, fill bucket and take bath.
  9. Coconut oil: Coconut oil is also one of the oldest recommended home remedy. When farmers an labors work in the field they get lot of sunburn. After returning home one remedy that soothes their skin is coconut oil application on entire body. This treatment not only reduces their skin irritation, also reduces body pain.
  10. Apply oil: In fact, olive oil, sesame oil are also good for skin. Both these two oils help in soothing sunburn. Apply on affected area using a cotton ball and leave it for sometime.
  11. Keep yourself hydrated: Drinking plenty of water or fruit juices helps the body to keep hydrated. Dehydrated body can get more sunburn. Eating high water content fruits like watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, muskmelon, nectarines, tomatoes, pear, honeydew melon – can keep us hydrated for long time too.

Sunburn is preventable as long as one takes proper precaution. Wearing proper clothes, carrying umbrella, applying proper sun blocking cream can help. Severe sunburns can cause blisters and dis-figuration. Use proper remedy that suits your skin and enjoy the summer!

Image credit; Photo by Pavel L on Unsplash

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 5, 2019

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