Remedies for eye sore

Remedies for eye sore

Eye sore in eyelids is one of the common problem people face during summer heat wave.  When we have this condition, it feels like a sand particle stuck in the eyelids. This condition is called blepharitis or eyelid inflammation.

Reasons for developing eye sore are:

  • Exposure to dust and airborne irritants
  • Rubbing eyelids
  • Exposure to chlorinated water
  • Smoke and pollution
  • Exposure to electronic screens that puts stress on eyes
  • Dehydration
  • Allergies
  • Foreign object in the eye

Other reasons could be due to conditions such as glaucoma, keratitis, chalazion, blocked tear duct, oil gland blockage etc. Some of the home remedies can help to cure or reduce sore eyes

  1.  Immerse a clean soft towel in hot water and remove excess water from towel. Keep hot towel on sore for few minutes. Repeat this few times and soreness will reduce
  2. Wash hands and rub palms to create heat. Place palm on sore
  3. Applying Aloe vera gel reduces swelling and puss formation- Aloe is anti-inflammatory and has antibacterial properties
  4. Gently wash eyes and using a clean cloth lightly clean the area. Use mild baby shampoo and water mixture, rinse well using slightly warm water.
  5. Place a drop of castor oil in eye before going to bed. Castor oil reduces irritation
  6. Cold compress: Place cold washed cloth on eyes for ten minutes. Repeat this throughout the day for few times.
  7. Include more fruits and foods that supply Omega 3 fatty acids such as flax seeds. These foods help to reduce dryness in eyes and reduces irritation.
  8. Drink plenty of water through out the day helps to keep moisture and reduces dryness of eyes.
  9. Wear sunglasses when stepping out in hot sun, wear cap/hat and carry umbrella for shade. While on two wheeler wear sunglasses to prevent dust entering eyes.
  10. Take regular breaks from computer and electronic screens to reduce irritation
  11. Blinking eyelids helps to squeeze extra oil sitting in oil glands. Repeat this few times.
  12. Refrigerate a clean tablespoon for few minutes. Place and hold cold tablespoon on eyelids for couple of minutes to reduce irritation.
  13. Dip a cotton ball in cold milk and dab it on eyelids to reduce inflammation.
  14. To reduce itchiness, dip cotton ball in cold rose water and apply it on eye sore to get immediate relief from irritation and itchiness.

If the condition keeps growing and does not go away within few days, see your doctor to make sure there is nothing serious going on with your eyes.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 17, 2019

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