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Home Remedies and Many Benefits of Herb Coriander

Next time when your stomach gets upset, consider taking a glass of buttermilk with coriander juice for great relief! Also known as cilantro, coriander is an annual herb and is one of the most popular culinary herbs around the globe. Its unique fragrance adds extra flavor to dishes. Cilantro is a must to give finishing touch to spicy curries. Coriander seeds have unique structure and contains oil glands called vittae inside which oil is stored. Coriander seed powder has many culinary as well as medicinal applications just like cilantro plant.

 The aroma of ripened coriander seeds is somewhat different from the cilantro plant. For some people cilantro smell reminds of soap odor. Cilantro leaves, stem and seeds are the parts used in medicine as well as in cooking.

Coriander seeds
  1. Digestion aid: Add washed cilantro pieces to buttermilk with salt and asafetida. Mix and drink. This will help to get rid of bloated tummy, releases gas and helps in digestion. You can prepare cilantro juice and mix with buttermilk, salt and asafetida. It is an appetite stimulant and promotes gastric juice secretion.
  2. Reduces anxiety: Using coriander seeds prepare tea. Boil water and add half tsp of coriander seed powder. Drink this tea to reduce anxiety.
  3. Mouth ulcers: Seeds water and paste of fresh cilantro plants are remedy for mouth ulcers.
  4. For infections: Coriander leaves are used in treating skin infections called erysipelas a type of infection caused by streptococcal bacteria. It is a remedy for fungal infections too!
  5. For insomnia: Drinking coriander seed water one hour before going to bed improves sleep. There is no side effect and this will help to get good sleep throughout the night.
  6. For diabetes: Do you know cilantro is good for reducing blood sugar level. Add cilantro to food, prepare chutney or make tea out of seeds – cilantro promotes liver health, and this will help to reduce blood sugar level
  7. For food poisoning: In traditional remedies, cilantro is recommended for detoxification of body. Cilantro thus removes poison from the system.
  8. For cardiovascular health: Coriander reduces high blood pressure, brings down cholesterol level. Potassium content in cilantro helps to control blood pressure and maintains sodium balance. Including cilantro in diet is helpful for heart conditions.
  9. Urinary tract infection relief: Drinking coriander seed water is helpful to reduce UTI. Soak cilantro seeds overnight and drink the water in the morning. Cilantro helps to clean up UTI and reduces the pain.
  10. Menstrual pain: Coriander seed khashayam is recommended for menstrual pain and problems. Drinking this will help to regulate the cycle.
  11. For inflammation: To reduce neurological inflammation coriander seed water is helpful. Including cilantro in diet regularly will help to fight inflammation caused by nerves.
  12. Colon cancer: Detoxification property of cilantro is helpful in cleansing colon. This prevents colon cancer and promotes colon health.
  13. Good for skin and joints: Any type of skin irritation can be treated with cilantro. Cilantro plant and cilantro seed poultice is helpful in reducing joint pain and rheumatism.
  14. To get over the hangover: Seeds of cilantro is a good remedy for hangover. Chewing the seeds or drinking the seed water helps to recover from hangover.

Growing cilantro is very easy. Some people grow cilantro throughout the year in kitchen garden. In moist and well drained soil, coriander seeds germinate and grow well.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 8, 2021

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