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Here Are Twenty Home Remedies of Rose Plant That You Need To Know

Roses are one of the most beautiful flower on earth and appreciated for both its beauty and fragrance. Some of the roses like paneer roses are known for their fragrance as well as for the beauty. Rose plant has many health benefits. Rose hips (fruits or roses), rose petals, rose water, and rose oil – all are traditionally used for curing many health conditions.

Which are these conditions and how to use rose petals, oil and rose water for various such conditions? Here is a list of rose uses:

1.       Boil rose leaves and petals with fenugreek leaves. Prepare paste and apply on hair to get beautiful hair

2.       Suffering from constipation? Boil water, turn off the heat and add few rose petals, let it steep for couple of minutes, add few drops of ghee and drink the water.

3.       Mix few drops of honey and sandal wood paste to rose water and apply on face to get rid of pimples. This helps to bet beautiful skin.

4.       Add little pepper powder to boiling water with rose petals. Drink this water to reduce burning sensation in stomach. This also helps to reduce cold and running nose.

5.       Soak few almonds overnight. Morning prepare almond and rose petal paste, apply this paste on skin to get healthy, rejuvenating skin.

6.       If you are suffering from mouth ulcers eat rose gulkand. One teaspoon of gulkand per day could help to reduce mouth ulcers, sore throat.

7.       Rose oil helps to get rid of black spots around the eyes. Mix rose oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil and then, apply softly using cotton.

8.       If you are suffering from insomnia, apply few drops of rose oil on a towel and keep it on the pillow and sleep. Slight fragrant odor helps to relax the mind and puts on sloop.

9.       If you have red spots on skin, apply rose petal and sandal wood paste, leave it for an hour or so. Later use warm water to wash. Antibacterial property in rose water helps to reduce acne. Apply rose water to reduce acne and it also helps to get rid of puffiness of skin.

10.   For conjunctivitis – rose water is often used in treating infections. Applying rose water for eye (as eye drops) helps to treat conjunctivitis. Rose water acts as analgesic and antiseptic medicine to cure ocular condition.

11.   Rose water is antidepressant and reduces anxiety. It relaxes the mind and helps to keep calm.

12.   Rose essential oil mixed with carrier oil is a good remedy for headaches. Applying rose oil compressor on head for half an hour to one hour reduces headache and makes person feel better.

13.   Skin rejuvenating property of rose helps to sooth irritated skin and has anti-aging effect. Use rose water, rose paste, or rose oil to treat damaged skin. You can mix any one of these with sandal wood or turmeric powder and prepare paste. Applying any of these mixes will help you look younger.

14.   Rose petal paste is helpful in healing cuts, burns and scars.

15.   Rose petals contains Vitamin C. Rose petal paste is an excellent sunblock. Mix rose petals with cucumber and glycerin – prepare paste and apply on skin before stepping in hot sun.

16.   Rose water is skin toner –Rosewater balances pH. apply rose water on face and gently wipe the face in circular motion to get rid of day dust on the face. Using lukewarm water wash face. You will feel better with smooth skin.

17.   Rose water is also great for scalp. Mix few drops of rose water in lukewarm water. After shampooing, apply this diluted water to hair and scalp. Wash with normal water. This promotes hair follicle health and hair growth.

18.   Rosehip is rich in antioxidants. Fresh rosehip teas is known to protect cells from free radicals. It also has high amount of Vitamin C and hence protects immune system. It also protects skin, reduces body inflammation and pain.

19.   Drinking rosehip tea promotes weight loss Tiliroside is a compound present in rosehip aids weight loss.

20.   Rosehip tea is good for diabetes, it helps to lower blood sugar level.  

Growing rose plant at home is a good idea. For growing rose plant ideal soil, proper sunlight, watering and pest care are essential. Some of the wild roses can prevail cold weather and bloom year after year by producing rosehips.

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Rosehip by:  Morn the Gorn – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Rosewater: Image by silviarita from Pixabay 

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 5, 2022

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