Ajwain Home remedies

Ajwain Home remedies

Ajwain (Karpooravalli or Doddapatre, Patharchur) is a medicinal herb (Coleus aromaticus) which has been in use in Ayurveda for many centuries.

It is also known as Indian borage. Leaf, stem and seeds of the plant have many medicinal properties. It is very useful for parents who have little children at home.


Cold, fever or respiratory issues:

  • Wash and chew couple of young leaves. If you don’t like the taste, then proceed with tea.
  • Tea: Boil Indian borage leaves, crushed dried ginger, crushed pepper, jaggery and holy basil leaves. Add ½ tsp honey and drink.
  • Heat the leaves on low flame in a pan to make them soft. Squeeze the juice (about 1 tsp), add ½ tsp honey and drink. Place the leaves on a hot pan to make them soft. Squeeze out the juice (1 tsp), add honey (1/2 tsp) and drink
  • Grind few leaves and apply the paste on head to reduce cold

Skin allergy and insect bites:

  • Squeeze leaves from leaves and young branches and apply on the affected area. This reduces itchiness and irritation.
  • From bug bites to eczema and psoriasis leaves can be used.

For congestion:

  • Take one or two garlic cloves and chop them to smaller pieces. Roast chopped garlic cloves with ajwain leaves from few minutes. Wrap it in a soft cloth and keep it on the chest for few minutes as a compress.
  • For blocked nose rub few leaves in palms and inhale the vapor!

Relief from stress and anxiety:

  • Indian borage tea helps in stress relief. Boil couple of young leaves in water, add honey or sugar and drink. It reduces chronic stress too.


  • For 10 days add Indian borage leaves in your food and it will reduce jaundice

For lethargy and weakness:

  • The content of Indian borage helps in boosting energy. It contains some amount of Vitamin A and C -both help in boosting immune system.

Acts as a diuretic:

  • Including leaves in the diet in various forms (dishes) helps in removal of toxins from the body and thus balances the kidney.

Bowel movement:

  • Brewing Tea from Indian borage leaves also helps in movement of bowel and one must take one or two cups a day.
  • Eat couple of leaves with salt to increase digestion

Milk production:

  • For new mothers, leaves can be included in the soup to enhance milk production

One can prepare many varieties of dishes using lndian Borage leaves and young, tender stem.

See two such recipes here: https://healthylife.werindia.com/vegetarian-recipes/grandmas-ajwani-leaf-recipes


Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: July 31, 2017

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