Piggy Bank Savings

Piggy Bank Savings – How to teach kids to save money?

Are we rich? Kids often ask this question. This innocent question can be answered in a way that emphasizes family values such as smart savings and responsible spending.

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KIds get active

Hello Kids! Get Active!!

Try to spend 60 minutes of your time outside in the garden or in a park every day. Get vitamin D directly from the Sun. Experience fresh air!

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Help kids to read

Help your child to read

Home environment, innate ability and parents not getting involved in helping children to read are few reasons for a child having difficulty in reading.

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Keep baby germ free and safe

Keep your baby germ free and safe

What is important is to make sure that cleaning the areas and keep practicing hygiene in everyday helps for children to learn and they follow the instructions as they grow and go to schools and other public places.

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Backpack and back pain in kids

With all those text and notes books, homework, lunch box, water bottle the backpack of young kids becomes full and hefty.

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Helmet for kids

Helmet and Head Safety

Keeping your child’s head safe is very important. Even though, the children heads and brains are smaller, the entire infant skull is composed of numerous pieces that are essentially softer than the adult.

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kids Flu tips

Tips for parents to fight flu

The flu, also called influenza, is a viral respiratory illness. It is contagious and generally children who attend school will get flu from peers.

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Questioning kids

Questioning your kid

Ask these questions and get answers. Tell them to think before they answer.

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