question kids

Questioning your kid

Ask these questions and get answers. Tell them to think before they answer.

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Baby sitter

Tips To Choose A Baby Sitter Wisely

Working parents with infants and young children often need baby sitters at home.

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Ways to bully-proof your child

Ways to bully – proof your child

Bullying is one of the worst habit or practice many schools and colleges have. Kids who are seniors or who have better physique will take on juniors or poor physique kids.

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Safe Toys For Infants & Toddlers

Select safe toys for Infants & Toddlers

It is important to remember that typical wear and tear can result in a once safe toy becoming hazardous.

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Global Hand Washing Day

Make hand washing is a fun for your kids

Hand washing and other good health and hygiene habits (like cleaning teeth, brushing hair, and taking regular baths or showers) should be built into children’s routines as early as possible.

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