Meditation benefits for kids

Meditation benefits for kids

Brain is a happy place. Today kids are more stressed out than we realize. When young brain is burden with anxiety, depression, sadness it results in chaos in little world. Meditation is new type of detention in many schools! Meditation benefits kids. Reason for this mindfulness is helping children in many ways. They stay calm, anxiety free. In fact, ranging from ADHD to anxiety, depression, and stress -meditation is helping in several types of conditions in children.

The benefits of meditation to children is tremendous.

  1.  Prepare for challenges: Meditation helps them to analyze their life in small ways and gives a feeling of stability. It helps them to focus and stay alert while they undergo hormonal changes in puberty
  2. De-stress during studies: Anxiety, anger and worries these are part of children life too. They worry about their grades, get upset about rumors and feel angry when things does not go the way they wanted. To keep mind out of tension and to bring their focus back on studies meditation helps. It frees them from negative thoughts and helps to refresh. Meditation is inexpensive and healthy way to bring relaxation in child’s life.
  3. Supporting healthy mind: Fear and frustration are two emotions that all children go through during development. It results in tantrums, irritability and screaming. To overcome fear in the fast paced world children to have a stable mind. Emotional stability needed for a healthy mind. Meditation helps to bring back them to cope with emotions of frustration and fear.
  4. To focus: Children mind is fragile and is very active. When they are out of focus mind cannot be calm. Moreover, electronic gadgets and technology challenges them to act and find solution quickly. Social media – tweeting, snap chat, Facebook, games, surfing, data etc makes them to communicate very fast. Challenge for parents to keep children focused on studies and those tasks that help children to be a good human. To focus on learning and effective communication meditation helps. It helps to rest their monkey mind and gives clarity to be creative and perform better.
  5. Mindfulness: Once children understand mindfulness they themselves start paying attention to various tasks. It helps them to take control of their action and behavior.

Guided meditation for children

  • Sit down comfortably on a mat or clean floor. Close your eyes.
  • Now bring your attention to your breath.
  • Take deep inhale and slowly exhale.
  • While practicing breathing for next 5 minutes, give your attention only to breathing. Take deep inhale and exhales
  • Count to ten while inhaling and exhaling. No matter what, continue focusing on breathing – inhales and exhales.
  • Count breaths at end of each exhale.
  • After 5 minutes bring back your breath to normalcy and open eyes.

As you keep practicing meditation you will feel changes in daily activities and will have more focus on studies and extra curricular activities. Your communication skills, confidence will improve too!


Children photo created by freepik – (Free for comemercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 28, 2019

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