Hand and eye coordination activity

5 Hand and eye coordination activities for babies

To work on their fine motor skills and to increase hand and eye coordination babies and toddlers need simple and interesting activities. This will help them to learn about the objects, differentiate colors, understanding coordination, identification of materials,  focusing, sequencing and improves their communication skills too. You can make use of simple objects that are available at home and guide them how to handle the objects. Here are five such simple activities that help your child to fine tune motor skills as well as their hand and eye coordination and keeps them engaged and excited.

  • Button sorting cups

      What you need? Colorful buttons, Cups with colorful lids

  • Mix colorful buttons.
  • Arrange cups with colorful lids in a row – prepare a slit in lids to insert the buttons
  • Have your child select the button and insert it in matching colored lid slot

Buttons color activity for toddler
Buttons color activity for toddler
  • Letter matching fun

What you need? Empty box, 24 craft sticks, sticky alphabets, sharpie

  • On lid of empty box prepare small 24 slits through which your toddler can insert or place the craft stick.
  • On one end of craft stick, glue alphabets
  • Write Alphabets A to Z on under each slit.
  • Tell your child to match the alphabet on the stick to the written alphabet on the box and have her insert the stick in the small slit
  • Matching objects

What you need? Markers, different shaped objects (toys are best), white paper board or sheet

  • On white sheet using marker trace the shape of the different toy objects (10 -12 shapes)
  • Place the toys in a basket and have your child pick, trace and place it in the puzzles that you drew on the sheet.
  • You can also have child name the toys while placing inside the mark
  • Pasta activity:

What you need? Rigatoni pasta, straw and playdough (or cardboard box)

  • Create a 1 inch thick round playdough of dinner plate size
  • Insert few straws in playdough ( if you don’t have playdough, insert the straw in cardboard box)
  • Keep rigatoni pasta in a bowl and have your toddler put pasta one by one in each straw and make a pasta column
  • If your toddler can understand the number, place 5 straws and have her put one, two, three, four and five pastas in five straws and gradually you can increase the number of pasta and straw.
Toddler motor skill activities
Toddler motor skill activities
  • Crazy straw rainbow

What you need? Seven crazy straws, seven rainbow color cloth pieces (VIBGYOR)

  • Cut rainbow color cloths into small round pieces and make a small hole in the center
  • Separate seven color cloth pieces and keep it separate under words VIBGYOR
  • Ask your child to insert the colored clothes in 7 different crazy straw – each straw with one color cloth
  • Finally help them to place each straw under respective alphabet matching the color


Image credit & for more baby activities visit: Pinterest , learnwithplayathome , healthylie.werindia.com

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 9, 2023

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