Twelve Diet And Fitness Tips

Twelve Diet And Fitness Tips

Sometimes we need inspiration and motivation to do our routine exercises. If you are dieting and exercising, but not feeling uplifted- then here are few simple tips to keep yourself on track. This list says what to do and not to do while you are dieting and trying to keep yourself fit.

  1. Do not skip breakfast:

Do not forget or skip your important meal of the day. Eat something rich with both carbohydrates and protein. This good food helps you to keep up your energy. If you are practicing Yoga then do it early morning before breakfast and after yoga have breakfast. But never skip your breakfast.

  1. Find a friend for workout:

Find a person who likes to work out and inspires you. Carefully chose such person and develop a exercise routine. Often people discourage exercising by negative comments. It is important to find a good friend who talks positively, encourages, and inspires you to work out. Once you find that person, keep up good relationship. Three factors – Keeping up workout routine, encouraging each other and keep up with you and pushes to the limits in key workouts – these factors will help you to find out such friends in gym. You can discuss about fitness, diet, nutrition and all subjects related to fitness and can enjoy your workout!

  1. Get rid of soreness:

It is important to come out from the soreness after the workout. Many athlets after their workout will take a bath in cold-water 50:50 temperature water. People pace ice cubes on sore area of the body and will get ready for next day exercise.

  1. Drink H2O:

Everybody knows how important water for the body is. It is important to stay hydrated and energize the body. Remember electrolyte loaded drinks can be loaded with calories, if you chose to drink energy drink make sure to drink something that has no sugar.  Your best bet is always water. To get some flavor you can always add one or two lime pieces, couple of mint leaves in your water.

  1. Control your portion:

Watch you eat. Eat only recommended calories. Beware of what and how much calories you are consuming.  Consume fibers – veggies, fruits and fresh fruits. If you want some carbohydrate make sure you know the calories and accordingly decide your portion.

  1. Comfy shoes:

Buy a better shoe for your workout. Many branded shoes are available for lesser prize. If you can afford keep two pairs of sneakers for workout.  When you take first step with new sneaker, you should feel comfortable. If you are running make sure your sneakers supports your feet and leg. In case, you are practicing zumba then by a flat soul sneaker or shoe to avoid, heal and ankle injury.

  1. Proper clothing:

While you are exercising, it is better to wear proper clothing. For yoga and Pilates, ladies prefer wearing tops that hold their structure properly. For body works and weight lifts it is better to wear sports bras that expands ribs and diaphragm – this also helps in easy flexing of muscle. Similarly, if one feels comfortable to wear sports pants, yoga pants – all these are available online and in stores. Make sure they are comfortable to wear.

  1. Weight check:

Best time to check your weight it is better to it in the morning before drinking and eating. This way you can continue with your activity for the rest of the day.  It is better to check the weight on consistent time of the days or week.

  1. Do not starve:

If you feel and noticed that in a day you have consumed too much calories by eating fatty foods, do not starve next day. Instead, put some extra calorie burning activity in your daily regime. Eat fresh fruits and include fibrous food in your diet. Starving does not help your body, because after your starvation, body asks for more food and generally, people tend to eat more junk food after starving for a day.

10.  Select good snack:

When you feel hungry during working hours or at office, try to munch something that is health. Do not buy and eat high carb food. Instead, snack on organic carrots, cucumbers, pita bread, pita chips, hummus dip, vegetable dip, granola bar, dry fruits, fruit yogurt. All these contain less or no calories and help you to keep going till supper or dinner.

11.  Fruits, smoothies and green tea:

Include seasonal fruits in your diet.  Watermelon is best for summer heat. It contains more water and helps to balance the water in the body. Oranges helps to gain the energy. Cucumber is also rich in water and helps to maintain the body weight. Make smoothies out of various fruits to boost your immune system. Drink green tea that is full of antioxidant and boost metabolism.

12. Get enough rest and sleep:

After working out body needs rest. Sleep requirement for each individual varies. The over worked and tired muscles need rest. Take a break and give rest for the body. Do not hesitate to take rest. Try to get enough sleep and feel energized after a good night of sleep.


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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: December 17, 2015

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