8 ways to keep heart happy

8 Ways To Keep Heart Happy

Every year September 29th is celebrated as World Heart Day. Caridovascular condition is the most common cause of death in humans and more than 80% of the deaths occur in middle-income and low-income countries.  To educate and create awareness about heart health today there will be many Heart health awareness events occurs though out the globe that help to understand cardiovascular disease (CVD) – signs of heart disease, prevention, precaution and how to take care of heart health – these factors will be explained in these events.  More than 100 countries will take part in this observance. 

How to take care of Heart health that beats non stop through out the day and how to keep it health? 

Heart health depends on several factors. Eating, our hobbies, stress and various other conditions – all have impact on heart health.

To keep heart happy and in good condition what we should do?

Incorporate healthy habits in your lifestyle.

  1. Smoke free: Smoking is injurious to health and we all know it. Be smoke free and your heart will thank you for that.
  2. Blood cholesterol: The fatty substance when becomes a problem for the heart, results in stroke. Reduce cholesterol and go for good fat. By lowering bad cholesterol, you will make your arteries happy.
  3. Blood pressure: Stress and anxiety along with other eating habits increases blood pressure. It needs to be treated. Take control of your blood pressure and reduce it. This way your heart will be happy and stress free.
  4. Diabetes: Manage it! Type 1 or Type 2 – diabetes- manage your blood sugar level. It prevents heart attack and keeps heart going for several more years. Take care of yourself with maximum precaution if you have diabetes – go for good, recommended diabetic diet. Control your food habits and eat healthy.
  5. Physical activity: Don’t forget to exercise 30 minutes a day. For overall heart health, make it a habit to include fitness regime a part of your lifestyle. Moderate, regular activity is great and you will see the benefit of it in month. Sit less and move more.
  6. Healthy weight: Reduce heart disease risk by maintaining healthy weight. Understand your body mass index and wait measurement technique to keep your heart healthy.
  7. Nutritious and good food: Avoid junk food, soda and other processed foods. These foods can only increase your blood pressure and cholesterol. Include healthy, nutrient foods in your daily diet – fruits and vegetables, cereals, protein and dairy products, good fatty substances and drinking plenty of water brings positive change in your health.
  • Control portion- understand how much is too much for your body
  • Eat less salt- less salt means perfect blood pressure
  • Reduce saturated fats- means lower cholesterol
  • Limit alcohol consumption- healthy heart condition depends on moderate alcohol consumption.
  1. Reduce stress in life: A stressful life can only harm your health. Stress is unavoidable, however one can reduce stress intake in the system. More stress means more pressure on heart and it builds up various negative conditions. Take help of meditation, yoga, Pilates, holistic approach to reduce anxiety and stress.

Reference: www.werindia.com

Image credit: Image by Gabriele M. Reinhardt from Pixabay  (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 29, 2021

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