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Daily Routine, General Care, Mental Health, Prevention Tips for Parents to Protect Children During Pandemic

The Ayush Ministry of India last week released a detailed document titled “Home care guidelines for children and Advisory for AYUSH Practitioners about prophylactic care in Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

While adults are getting vaccinated, for children vaccination drive just initiated. Though infection is generally mild in children when compared to adults, those children who have underlying conditions like Type-1 Diabetes, obesity, chronic cardiopulmonary disease, compromised immune system might be at higher risk of suffering. Prophylaxes seems to be the best approach to save children life from Covid. Ayush ministry has come up with prophylaxes of Covid-19 and parents can consider using this to build stronger immunity in children to fight the deadly disease.  This protocol will provide understanding of approach for care of children at home and support parents, caregivers, and practitioners to take care of children during the pandemic of COVID-19 and be ready for situations.

General Care for children under parent’s supervision

  • Handwashing- Regular hand-wash for a minimum of 20 mins, alcohol-based sanitizers,
  • Proper Mask- mask mandatory for children above the age of 12, mask mandatory for children age between 5 to 12 under parent’s supervision, mask desirable for children age between 2 to5 years under parents’ supervision and no mask for children below 2 years.
  • Social Distancing – preferably 6 feet or at least 3 feet, avoid travelling and crowded places.
  • Respiratory hygiene- children should be educated to cover their nose and mouth with tissue paper/handkerchief, droplets should not touch the palms or liberated in air and proper disposal of tissue paper

General guidelines for daily routine

  • Give them lukewarm water to drink according to their capacity
  • Maintaining oral & dental hygiene
  • Oil massage followed by a warm bath
  • Physical activities like Yoga and meditation
  • Diet- Children should have a balanced diet in suitable amount according to their appetite
  • Adequate sleep
  • The daily regime should be followed that should involve academic, hobby and family time

Mental Health of Children

  • Parents should maintain their physical and mental health to support children
  • Bonding with children
  • Empathize with children
  • Appreciate children and avoid criticism
  • Listen to their needs and emotional outpour
  • Engage them in recreational activities

Special precautions

  • COVID suspect children should not be in contact with the grandparents as elderly people are at high risk
  • Teleconsultation for a child from a doctor rather than going to the clinic
  • Parents should keep them updated with the latest relevant guidelines from authentic sources

Prophylaxes (preventive) measures for COVID-19

  • Samshamani Vati crushed and mixed with honey- twice a day (Samshamani vati is a an ayurvedic medicine useful in treatment of all types of fever and viral infections).
  • Amla Murabba(mashed) (made of Indian gooseberry) or Chyavanprash Avaleha twice a day
  • Ashwagandha root powder twice a day with warm milk
  • Haldi turmeric milk twice a day with hot milk

Full details are available here:


Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 15, 2021

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