Students to learn to end hunger

Students to Learn and Help to End World Hunger

How does a world look like without hunger? It will look like ‘everyone enjoying nutritious meals that they need’. Food banks, charitable organizations or temples cannot get there alone. All these organizations, including Government, need support and help. Hunger Now is a program that is going to teach students about world hunger and how they can help.

No doubt the current pandemic has introduced us to a new challenge, unlike natural disasters, catastrophic events, or war. Coronavirus has not shown any type of description while infecting people around the globe.

The major problem the world is facing is still hunger. Millions of kids are going hungry day by day. The impact of Covid-19 on families has caused devastation. People losing jobs, closing businesses, and farmers having problems with labors, labors trying to return to their natives – all these shows lots of suffering and people going hungry with families. Poverty and struggle to earn money in this pandemic year have been outgrowing in numbers. For people existing amidst famine, poverty, and hunger, life is posing challenges, and day to day life is a huge struggle.

Students around the world can help bring about change by learning and contributing to the “Hunger Now” project!”

Hunger now is a program to find a solution to famine and hunger. Recently, Larry and Jane Levine of KIDS (KidsCanMakeADifference) and their commitment to Finding solutions to the Hunger project added worksheets in KIDS Teacher guide that will expand teaching tools for a global understanding of hunger. KIDS and iEARN partners are publishing teacher guides for educators to teach students about poverty and inequality. These new lessons from KIDS aim to help students around the world understand the root causes of hunger.

This step will help students to understand how they can get involved and participate to help those who need food. As we are aware, schools in many parts of the world either opened or will open sometime soon either in a person or virtually. When students return to classrooms in person or by virtual means, they will learn the best practices that exist and needed to combat hunger and will also include in classroom activities.

According to KIDS, few of the International Organizations are participating in helping students to understand their role and these organization will help to explore the resources of the committed group whose focus on classroom activities and outreach strengthened commitment and inspiring both students and teachers. These International organizations are:

United Nations (UN), World Savvy, Oxfam, Food tank, Global Citizen, and WhyHunger.

In order to act against hunger, these organizations will find ways to collaborate and share efforts to outreach together. By participating in these program students will understand the history of hunger and with help of teachers will be able to bring changes.

As they say, ending hunger requires more than just giving one or two meals. It is important to address the root cause of hunger. The root cause of hunger that is poverty – that is increased this year due to the pandemic. Hunger will continue if the poverty continues. In many countries’ development assistance programs are taking place to reduce poverty and to grow economically. These programs are not only limited to agriculture, but it is also extended to other fields like health, education, environment, governance, and other aspects of human life. Students learning about hunger, poverty, and helping those who need food to sustain for many more years will benefit the community, society, and nation(s).



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Image curtesy: Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) (CC by 2.0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 13, 2020

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